I have to admit that my knowledge of League of Legends, which Arcane is based on is not exactly vast. However, the trailer looked fantastic and it features a strong voice cast with the likes of Hailee Steinfeld and Ella Purnell in the lead roles. This is a Netflix original and it is one of the better-animated offerings that the streaming platform has done so far.

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I am trying to think what I feel is the best way to described Arcane. I am sure people who are familiar with the world of League of Legends are shouting at me right now, but I think this is an action show with some drama. We have two sisters in Vi and Jinx, but their relationship is far from smooth.

A huge part of the show is about this massive divide between the classes. There is the city of Piltover. Piltover is where the high-class lives and they have embraced this “thing” called Hextech which allows them to wield magic. On the surface thing in Piltover look great, but right from the start, I got the impression something was off.

On the flip side of this, we have Zaun which is the less than desirable, the underbelly if you will. In Zaun, there is this drug that is causing people to turn into monsters! While magic users fighting monsters would be a pretty awesome show in its own right and one that I would be interested in.

The thing is there is way more than that going on in Arcane. This is coming from someone that knows very little about the world of League of Legends, but I felt that it did a great job in developing the main characters of Vi, Jinx as well as Jayce and Viktor. From what I have heard, fans of the game were very happy with the portrayal of these characters.

I was in on this fantastic ride right from the first episode. It does have a lot of action and it is very well done, but it is the writing, voice acting, and drama that really hooked me. Arcane is just a very, very well-made show. So good, that I went straight online to see if there were any plans for a live-action show or movie as I think it could be truly epic.

Visually, Arcane is one of if not the best of all the Netflix animated shows that I have seen so far. I know this sounds pretentious, but I do not know how you can look at this show and not consider it to be art! From the epic action scenes to the way that the characters display various emotions, it is truly an amazing show to look at.

I know some may be put off by this if they do not know about League of Legends, but trust me it is not an issue. I have no doubt fans of League of Legends will probably appreciate this even more. Yet, this is a great show in its own right and at only 9 episodes long, there is no excuse not to check this out.

Arcane is a TV Series based on the famous MOBA game League of Legends. Download it now and enjoy the incredible story and the fantastic animation.
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