Back to the Future Part III

The highly eccentric mad scientist and his weird, goofy, and funny partner make a banger comeback just one year after the release of Part II. In all honesty, I used to adore this film as a kid but when it comes to analyzing a film you’re so nostalgic about, there is some form of disappointment there. Back to the Future Part III is a continuation of the Back to the Future formula that Robert Zemeckis birthed back in 1985. However, there was bound to be a film where the story had nothing more to offer for fans rather than just mindless entertainment, and that is where Part III managed to land.

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The Movie Review

Back to the Future Part III brings back the misadventures of Marty McFly and Doctor Emmett Brown once again to the big screen in a weird turn of events. This time the duo doesn’t just travel into the past, the travel is a bit too deep in the past.

The film follows Marty, as he travels back in time to rescue Doc Brown back from the Wild Wild West, where he seems to have fallen in love with a school teacher and wants to marry her and remain there with her forever. Yes, Doc Brown, the old guy from the Back to the Future franchise has fallen in love with a young school teacher in the year 1885. So as we’d expect, Marty is going to head back into the past once again to save Doc’s behind before he gets lynched as a witch by a group of angry outlaws!

Director Robert Zemeckis most likely made this film to end the franchise once and for all, before the studio would hand the direction to someone else and they’d most likely end up butchering his beloved creations. However, he still does a massively stellar job at directing this film. It’s a film that has a ton of heart and humor, yet the one thing that it lacks is soul. You can’t by any means justify the existence of this film. It was made for the sake of box office revenue, and while it is an extremely entertaining film, it reeks of corporate greed.

I admired this film a lot as a kid and would watch it on repeat for the insanely well-written humor and the best action that you could find in the Back to the Future franchise. Though overall, the story didn’t make much sense to me. Why did Doc Brown travel back in time to fall in love with someone, when he could’ve just had that same connection with someone in the present day? Moreover, why did Marty risk his life to save Doc who might as well have been happy there? It’s a film that leaves a lot of questions and that’s part of why I can’t adore it anymore.

Though what I can adore in this film are the performances and the amazing action sequences! It’s no Sergio Leone spaghetti western, but Back to the Future Part III combines the funny tech of the 90s with the Wild West, resulting in some of the most hilarious comedic moments in film history! It’s just so wonderfully bizarre watching a retro-futuristic car being chased by a gang of outlaws on horses through the desert. What I like even more is the lengths this film went to be even more of a comedy film than its predecessors, each scene has a joke and it’s amazing!

The performances were better than ever here, yet the substance and the writing didn’t do much to elevate it. Though I can say one thing for sure, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are by far the funniest actors from the eighties. Their charisma and their charm are so infectious that you just can’t help but keep your eyes on the film at all times! It’s even more entertaining when both of them are on screen together, which is mainly the entirety of Part III as Doc Brown has a bigger role than ever here!

The Bottom Line

My verdict for this film used to be a solid 5 out of 5 stars many years ago. However, with time I’ve grown to appreciate this film for what it is, and understand the lingering issues that it has as well. It’s a film that wasn’t meant to be made, yet it was turned into an opportunity for the director to end the franchise on a pretty big note. Back to the Future Part III is one of my favorite films from the year 1990, and it’s carried by a passionate director, an incredible cast, and the wonderful crew who managed to keep it together.

Back to the Future Part III
Back to the Future Part III is a 1990 science-fiction comedy film in a Western setting. Download it now and enjoy the performances by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd,
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