My wife is a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast, it is not just her favorite Disney movie, but her favorite movie of all time. The fact that she was blown away and moved to near tears by Belle told me that it was a movie that was a movie which is something very special indeed. I thought that it was incredibly well made and one of the better anime’s released in 2021.

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The Movie Review

As you have probably figured out already, Belle is a new take on the classic Beauty and the Beast formula. What I think is interesting here is that they were clearly more invested in taking inspiration from Disney’s classic rather than the original story. I think this was a smart move as it gives, Belle more to play around with.

Our main character is a high-school student called, Suzu. Suzu loved to sing and was happy, but after seeing her mother die while saving a child, she became distant and no longer as loving. She has also lost her ability and love for singing as well which is a real shame.

Suzu does have a couple of close friends and her father tries his best to connect with her and make her happy. However, it is one of her friends who convinces her to join an online game called, U and she creates an avatar called Belle, and her life changes. She feels more confident, and happier and she is able to sing once again.

This virtual world of U is pretty neat and before long, she gets the confidence to sing in front of a digital crowd with her Belle avatar. Well, a creature known as The Dragon, attacks, causing havoc, and a vigilante group led by a jerk called Justin (who is pretty much Gaston) wants to find him and expose who he is.

Belle becomes very interested in The Dragon and thinks that there is more to him than the “beast” everyone in the virtual world of U says that he is. I know that what I have written here is pretty much Beauty and the Beast, however, the virtual setting and the way the story is told put a unique and fantastic spin on it that truly does captivate you and make you want to see Belle/Suzu be happy and get out of her funk that she is in.

As well as being a well-written story, Belle has some amazing voice acting and singing too. I watched the English dub of this movie and I have zero complaints about any of the performances here. They well and truly sucked me in and made me care a great deal about what was going on.

There have been many adaptations of Beauty and the Beast over the years, but I think Belle might be my favorite. Even my wife was blown away by this and had nothing but positive things to say and she is a hardcore Beauty and the Beast nerd! This is just a fantastic anime and one that is very easy for me to recommend to you guys.

Belle is an anime movie that is based on the famous fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. Download it now and enjoy its science fantasy setting.
8.5 Total Score
Belle Review Summary

Worth Watching/Streaming/Buying
  • This is the best Beauty and the Beast adaptation I have seen!
  • It is a very visually impressive piece of work!
  • The voice actors really get you invested in what is happening
  • I would put this close to the top of my list for best anime of the last few years
  • I cannot say how good or bad the Japanese voice track is as I did not use it
  • As much as I loved it, you can see where the ending is going pretty early on
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