Big Momma’s House

The early 2000s era of Afro-Comedy films was truly a marvelous era. Every single film from that time frame had fun and unique little concepts, from White Chicks to Friday After Next, Bad Boys II, How High, and many more, there was just an abundance of masterful comedies. Now, in the same vein of Mrs. Doubtfire’s disguised comedy antics, the year 2000 had the humorous Big Momma’s House. Whereas Mrs. Doubtfire was a family film, Big Momma’s House is not afraid to go all out on the comedy.

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The Movie Review

Big Momma’s House follows the story of Malcolm Turner, an FBI super cop who goes undercover as a sassy, overweight Southern grandmother named Big Momma.

The film dives into his mission as he tries to apprehend an escaped convict and gather evidence against him by living in the suspect’s house. As Malcolm transforms into Big Momma, he navigates the challenges of impersonating an elderly woman while dealing with unexpected familial bonds that come out of nowhere.

The screenplay for Big Momma’s House delivers some laughs, albeit relying heavily on predictable and overused comedic tropes. It’s a parody film at times so reliance on slapstick humor, body transformation gags, and a barrage of fat jokes often end up falling flat.

While the concept of an FBI agent disguising himself as a grandmother has potential, the execution feels very generic, lacking a lot in the originality aspect. The dialogue, although occasionally witty, often veers into cliché territory, leaving much to be desired in terms of fresh and memorable lines.

Director Raja Gosnell’s attempts to inject energy and lightheartedness into the film are quite inconsistent. While there are a few well-paced comedic sequences that elicit genuine chuckles, the overall direction feels unimaginative and fails to fully explore the comedic potential of the premise.

The pacing occasionally lags, and some scenes could have been trimmed to maintain a tighter narrative flow. In general, there are a bunch of issues in direction which can take you out of it quite fast.


Martin Lawrence’s performance as Malcolm Turner and Big Momma is undoubtedly the highlight of the film. Lawrence is somehow terrifically funny in this film, and he fully commits to the physicality and mannerisms of the larger-than-life character. Yet, the supporting cast fails to match Lawrence’s energy and charisma.

Nia Long, as Sherry, Malcolm’s love interest and the unsuspecting house occupant, delivers an adequate performance but she doesn’t have good chemistry with Lawrence. The chemistry and emotional depth between characters often feel forced and underdeveloped, making it difficult to invest fully in their relationships.

The Visuals

The cinematography in Big Momma’s House is functional at best, but it’s completely unremarkable. The film predominantly features the standard comedy film framing and the regular basic shot compositions that do little to add any visual flair to the overall presentation of the film.

The production design effectively captures the ambiance of a suburban house, that much is well done. However, the film just fails completely in capitalizing on the potential visual humor that was inherent in the premise.

The Music

You can’t deny that the film’s soundtrack is great, though. The playlist is phenomenal, it incorporates a mix of nostalgic R&B and hip-hop tracks, which always make every film feel more cinematic due to their badass tone.

The musical choices feel disconnected from the scenes, at times, and they fail to enhance the comedic or emotional beats of the story. The original soundtrack, on the other hand, serves more as background noise rather than an integral part of the film’s narrative.


Big Momma’s House falls into the realm of fun comedies that stay in your mind due to the nostalgia factor. Yes, Martin Lawrence’s committed performance as Big Momma brings a ton of laughs, but the film fails to fully explore the potential of its comedic premise. Any of the writing, acting and production aspects do very little to elevate the overall experience. In the end, Big Momma’s House serves as an amusing and nostalgic that may appeal to fans of that era of comedy. However, those seeking a more substantial and original comedic experience may find themselves a little disappointed.

Big Momma's House
Big Momma's House is a well-received buddy cop comedy from 2000. Download it now and see what undercover agents were up to.
5 Total Score
Big Momma's House Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Martin Lawrence's comedic performance as Big Momma is entertaining
  • Some comedic sequences elicit genuine laughter
  • Makeup and prosthetics for Big Momma's transformation are well-executed
  • The film's soundtrack is fire, featuring nostalgic R&B and hip-hop tracks
  • Overreliance on predictable comedic tropes and fat jokes
  • Lack of originality in the screenplay and dialogue
  • Inconsistent direction and pacing
  • Lack of chemistry and underdeveloped relationships between characters
  • Unremarkable cinematography and basic shot compositions
  • Disconnect between the soundtrack and the scenes, failing to enhance the narrative
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