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I have been looking at this blank page for a while now trying to figure out how to do the awesome show Black Mirror justice! This is an anthology-style series that has sci-fi, drama, horror, and everything in between. It was created by the talented Charlie Brooker and over its 5 season run it has 22 episodes and an awesome special.

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The first two seasons along with the original special, White Christmas were made in tandem with Channel 4 in the UK. The remaining seasons along with Bandersnatch were produced with Netflix. I love all five seasons, but I actually think that when Netflix came on board, it got even better, probably due to the increased budget they had to play around with.

So, how to describe what Black Mirror is? These are stand-alone episodes (although there are some nods and connections) that are usually set in a dystopian world where technology is a main factor in the episode. While you could watch them in any order, I would still suggest you watch them in order.

It is really hard to talk about this show with someone that has never seen it as it just sounds so weird. What I love about Black Mirror is that it really does make you think that “this could happen” in many of the episodes. There is one episode called Be Right Back that made me think “I do that with my phone all the time” and actually put my phone down.

There are so many great episodes and actually, the more I think about it, I do not think that there are any bad episodes. My personal favorite episodes are, USS Callister, San Junipero, and Be Right Back which would make my top three. Each episode can lead to heavy and fun discussions with people as people can interpret them in different ways.

The acting talent that they were able to get is just amazing. It was very British-centric in the first couple of seasons, but some pretty big stars have appeared in Black Mirror. Actors such as Jesse Plemons, Anthony Mackie, Will Poulter, Hayley Atwell, Bryce Dallas Howard, Kelly MacDonald, Jon Ham, and Mackenzie Davis are just a few that come to mind.

I do also have to give special attention to Black Mirror Bandersnatch. Black Mirror Bandersnatch is a stand-alone movie that has interactive elements! It is pretty awesome and the kind of thing that just hooked me right from the start. It is many people’s favorite thing to come from the Black Mirror universe! Being able to make choices to change things here and there was pretty cool.

I love Black Mirror! It is one of those shows that you have to just watch. Reading about it really does not do the series justice. I legit do not think that there is a bad episode here! Some will make you think, some will make you laugh, some will make you feel sad and others will make you feel bad. This really is a tremendous show and one that I highly recommend you watch.

Black Mirror
Black Mirror is a science-fiction TV series that is showing what could happen if technology goes wrong. Download it now and enjoy it.
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