What happened to Liam Neeson? He has made so many great movies during his career,  but the last three years have seen him make some really questionable movies, and sadly, Blacklight is another one of them. Not many men of his age can pull off the action hero vibe that Liam Neeson is still able to do, but that is sadly not enough to save Blacklight.

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You can stream it or you can download the film from a digital store. Click on the Download button located below this review. If you like Liam Neeson, check out also her other movies, such as Taken or The Dark Knight Rises.

The Movie Review

This is directed by Mark Williams who directed another Liam Neeson movie I was not keen on, 2020’s Honest Thief. I like the idea of the movie and even though I have been let down in the last few years, Liam Neeson in an “action thriller” is enough to get me interested and at least give it a shot… only I would not actually describe Blacklight as an action thriller, it is more a political thriller.

The movie is about a man called Travis Block who was once a top government operative. He did some rather questionable things during his time working for the government and now this is coming back to haunt him. He is working for Gabriel Robinson who is the director of the FBI and he sends Travis out on various missions to bring people in or just flat out take them down.

During a political rally n Washington DC, Travis ends up caught in the middle of something. You do kind of feel from Travis as he wants to retire and spend time with his family, but director Robinson is not keen on letting him leave. He finds out about this conspiracy where the government is killing innocent people.

One person, in particular, Sofia Flores, was killed during this political rally. Travis ends up not wanting to be part of this and ends up on a mission to bring the director down and expose this shady operation. I really do like the idea of this plot and it could have been a very cool action thriller.

However, this is a movie that has a lot of political talking in it and not a ton of action. The action in Blacklight is pretty cool and I like how you can clearly see all the fists flying, shootouts, and so on. However, it happens far too infrequently and if you are expecting a Liam Neeson action flick like he was making 10 to 15 years ago, you will be very disappointed.

I did not hate Blacklight, but I am pretty certain I will probably not watch this again. I think had I gone into it knowing it was more of a political thriller than an action movie, I may have gotten into it more. This is a movie that lasts a bit over 90 minutes, but it felt like it lasted a heck of a lot longer!

Blacklight is an action thriller from 2022 with Liam Neeson as the main protagonist who works for the FBI. Download it now,
4.5 Total Score
Blacklight Review Summary

Worth Watching/Streaming/Buying
  • Liam Neeson will always be a badass
  • I think that there is a good story in here somewhere
  • When there is action is pretty cool
  • At least it doesn’t last too long!
  • There is not as much action in this movie as you would think
  • I hate to say it, but it is just kind of boring
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