Blockers is a comedy film produced by DMG Entertainment, Point Grey Pictures, Good Universe, and Universal Pictures. The film is directed by Kay Cannon and features a cast consisting of John Cena (he’s also Agent Jack Burns in Bumblebee), Leslie Mann, Geraldine Viswanathan, Ike Barinholtz, Kathryn Newton, and Gideon Adlon.

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The Film Review

Released on 6th April 2018, Blockers highlights the story of three parents namely Lisa, Mitchell, and Hunter, and their daughters Julie, Kayla, and Sam. Having been best friends since childhood, the three girls make a pact together, aiming to lose their virginities at the school prom.

The Plot

Lisa sets up a pre-prom party for everyone where she invites Julie’s friends as well as their parents. Hunter soon drops off the girls at the prom on a limousine. Soon, however, Mitchell and Lisa, by looking at Julie’s text messages to Kayla and Sam, find about the pact and instantly head towards the prom to protect them.

It is assumed that the post-prom party will be held at Julie’s boyfriend, Austin’s house. On the contrary, however, the three parents storm into the house only to find Austin’s parents having intercourse together.

The parents follow the girls from one party to another. In between the transitions, they begin to realize their own personal issues with their daughters. Mitchell realizes how he is overprotective of Sam by thinking how she needs protection from men. Lisa finds that she is too influential in her daughter Julie’s life, which, in turn, is forcing her to move away. Hunter also feels guilty for neglecting Sam all these years.

Meanwhile, Sam, secretly being a lesbian, decides that she does not need to have sex with a man just to fulfill the pact. Kayla also feels that she is rushing into things, hence, deciding to limit her experience to oral sex. Julie, however, decides to continue her plan.

In the meantime, the parents arrive and confront their daughters. However, they are soon comforted when the girls explain how they chose not to go forward with the pact. At the same time, Lisa enters a room and sees Julie having intercourse with Austin. She realizes how the two sincerely love each other and decides to leave them alone.

Blockers is an American comedy from 2018. Download it now to see what problems parents might have with their young daughters.
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