I’ll start off with honesty; comic book films aren’t the most interesting films to me. Sure, there are some exceptions such as the brand new Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League or Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame; but most just don’t hit home. There isn’t much to take from these films, oftentimes it is just a bunch of CGI heroes and villains fighting each other and they have repetitive story beats. However, Catwoman is a film that takes some inspiration from its comic book counterpart yet does its very own thing for the most part. I really wish I hadn’t seen this film, I genuinely wish I had never watched it [the funny thing is that I actually enjoyed it watching with my family, and then I was shocked by the general reviews – Editor].

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The Movie Review

The story shows Halle Berry as Catwoman, but not Selina Kyle no, no, no. This lady is known as Patience Phillips, who gets killed by her employers after she discovers that the beauty products she is selling have poisonous acids within them. For some reason, cats are the things that bring her back to life… and after that, she essentially turns into a Catwoman… and she’s one in a long line of these purring dames who have been prowling the Earth for centuries.

With nothing left to do, she begins fighting crime like the actual superhero she is! Just like the comic books, my favorite super-hero; Catwoman! Yep, she’s definitely not an anti-hero or even a downright villain most of the time.

I’ll say this about the film; for the time it was released, it had pretty decent CGI and visuals. What it had a lack of, though, was any semblance of decent direction. The pacing in Catwoman is just awful with so many key moments in the film being of no importance. The plot being just absolutely bizarre was kind of a fun change; it flew into the “so bad, it’s good” category. Yet the writing in the film is actually so boring, and just plain devoid of logic that you cannot even focus on the funny aspects of this movie.

Aside from logic, Catwoman is also devoid of any passion. The acting feels like plastic puppets who have been dubbed over. Trust me when I say this, quite literally have I never seen actors being so bored while being on screen. The part that I don’t understand even more is how some of these cuts made it into the film. This is a supposedly “super-hero” film which has a sexy basketball sequence, where the two characters are playing basketball with a crowd of children cheering them around from all sides, yikes on bikes.

Though, if you want to know about something that is even worse about Catwoman than any of the above-mentioned problems. It is Catwoman’s editing… Catwoman’s editing is so bad, that scenes are literally just thrown together while the director held his fingers crossed thinking to himself ‘PLEASE LET IT WORK! But also if it doesn’t make sense, I don’t care since I don’t care about this film that I’m making. There are literal cuts as the actors are speaking, right in the middle of dialogue. Why would you add jump cuts, without them actually meaning anything? Lars Von Trier inspired some people in a really bad way!

The Bottom Line

In conclusion with Catwoman, there is quite honestly nothing good about this film. It is absolutely poor from start to finish. The film starts out on a bad note, it is filled with a huge chunk of bad stuff in the middle and it ends on an even worse note. In all honesty, and I have to be brutal here; Catwoman’s biggest flaws aren’t its terrible editing, horrible acting, and passionless direction but it’s the fact that a studio decided to greenlight this film after reading the script.

Catwoman is a superhero film based on a famous character from DC Comics. Download it now and enjoy watching Halle Berry in action.
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