Cinderella (1950)

You could make the argument that Cinderella is one of the most important movies in Disney history! Disney had not had a huge financial hit, mostly due to the effects of World War II. It would be Cinderella which was released in 1950 that would turn the fortunes of the company around and put Disney back on the path to massive financial success.

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The Movie Review

This was one that I did not see in the theatres as a kid (although it was re-released a couple of times in the 80s. Instead, I had to make do with a pirate copy of the movie and it was one that I did enjoy. To be honest with you, Cinderella was more of my sister’s movie as it was and still is one of her favorite Disney movies.

I am pretty sure by now, you know what the plot of the movie is, but we will do a quick recap just in case. Cinderella loses her mother at a young age and her father marries, Lady Tremaine. I hate Lady Tremaine, she is such a good villain that she is impossible to like in any way!

Unfortunately for Cinderella, her father passes away and Lady Tremaine along with her two daughters Anastasia and Drizella makes her the slave of the estate! Despite them being really mean to her, Cinderella makes the best of it and likes to sing and dance and hang out with her animal pals.

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The “animal friends” were the part of Cinderella that I liked best as a kid. Gus, Gus, and Jack, Jack are a lot of fun as is that mean old cat, Lucifer, these characters are easily the highlight of the movie for me. Of course, her fairy godmother lets her go to the ball to meet the Prince, but she has to be home by midnight, it’s Cinderella, you know the story!

She meets and falls in love with the prince, but Lady Tremaine is standing in her way. Look, we all know the story of this movie by now. It is a timeless classic and it is one that holds up very well to this day. It is a movie that has been passed down from generation to generation and I am sure it will be for generations to come!

I recently picked up the 4K release of Cinderella (which I got on sale for £12,99 which was a steal!) and was impressed with how good this movie looks. The animation is also really well done, but I think it is the facial animations that impressed me the most, especially with the animals, it gives the characters so much more personality.

My wife loves the soundtrack for Cinderella and I think it is pretty good too. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo and A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes are two iconic Disney songs that have been used in the Disney Parks for many years now. I actually quite like the singing voice of, Ilene Woods and feel that she does a great job as Cinderella. Eleanor Audley as Lady Tremaine is also awesome, she is actually pretty scary with how mean she is!

While Cinderella may not make my top ten Disney movies of all time list, I can see why it would be on many other Disney fans lists. It holds up pretty well and is a good movie and a very important movie when it comes to Disney’s history. If you have any interest in Disney, this is a must-watch.

Cinderella (1950)
Cinderella is an animated Disney film from 1950 that is based on a fairy tale by Charles Perrault (1628-1703). Download it now.
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Cinderella (1950) Review Summary

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  • I love the backstory of how important this movie was for Disney
  • The voice acting of Lady Tremaine and Cinderella is great
  • I think that the 4K transfer they did for this is great
  • The movie actually holds up really well and is still entertaining all these years later
  • This is a personal thing, but I prefer the animal characters to the human ones
  • It may sound terrible to some, but I think I prefer the live-action remake of this
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