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I remember seeing the trailer for City Slickers on the Home Alone VHS tape and it was because “Marv” was in the movie I wanted to see it. City Slickers is a fun and heartfelt comedy that has a lot of depth to it. The thing is as a kid I just loved the craziness and the bits of action that the movie has.

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The Movie Review

Watching this as an adult is a completely different experience. Do not get me wrong, City Slickers still has a lot of funny moments and some thrilling scenes. However, this is not just a silly comedy, it is a movie about getting older, rediscovering your purpose in life, and trying to be as happy as you can. I relate to this way more now than I did when I first saw it that is for sure.

Although I must say, having watched this recently, it did kind of bum me out that I am now a little older than Billy Crystal’s character is in this movie! I need to stop watching all these movies from the 80s and 90s, not because I do not love them, but because they seem to remind me that I am getting old!

The Story of Three Good Friends

City Slickers is the story of three good friends. Our main character is Mitch who is played by Billy Crystal who on the surface has a great life, he has a good job, two kids, and a pretty wife. His friends are Phil who is played by Daniel Stern, Phil has a rough life, he works for his father-in-law and his wife is a witch with a capital B if you get what I am saying. Then we have Ed who is played by Bruno Kirby, Ed is living the dream in theory as he has a hot young wife and a great career, but he is reluctant to fully settle down.

These three middle-aged guys like to go on adventures to feel some excitement and feel young again. However, a recent adventure has left Mitch feeling a bit depressed and unfulfilled with his life. This leads Phil and Ed to get Mitch a great gift, the three of them are going on a cattle drive from New Mexico to Colorado and it could be just the trip they all need to get their lives back on track and feel happy once again.

Fantastic Chemistry and Support Cast

Our three leads have amazing chemistry together, but City Slickers also has a fantastic support cast as they are not the only ones taking this trip. You cannot talk about City Slickers without talking about Jack Palance as Curly Washburn, he is a rugged old cowboy who is going to keep this cattle drive moving and Mitch grows to really respect him and learn from him! Jack Palance won an Oscar for this and I highly recommend you check out his acceptance speech!

As you would expect, this cattle drive is anything, but smooth, and before long, Mitch, Phil, and Ed are leading the charge to get all these future burgers to Colorado. There are certainly many funny moments in City Slickers, but there is a lot of substance here too, it is the kind of movie that as a guy in my early 40s I truly do appreciate and connect with.

City Slickers
City Slickers is a heartfelt comedy about three friends rediscovering their purpose during a wild cattle drive adventure. Download it now.
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City Slickers Review Summary

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  • The three lead characters are so great together
  • This is a movie that I feel has gotten better with age, or I have just gotten older!
  • For a comedy, it has a ton of heart
  • Jack Palance is just so awesome as Curly
  • Even the Blu-Ray is a little rough when it comes to the picture quality
  • The sequel to this movie is a very poor cash grab of a sequel!
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