For a few years, I truly believe we had a golden age of Cartoon Network shows with the likes of Adventure Time and Regular Show and I would also put Clarence here up on that pedestal as well. For whatever reason, Cartoon Network here in the UK has started airing Clarence again and I have had a blast watching it and I think that it is a show that should have gone on way longer than it did.

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The premise of Clarence is that we have this rather strange kid called Clarence who just loves life and gets up to all kinds of antics with his buddies Sumo and Jeff. This is one of the best trio of kid’s characters that you will ever see and the stuff that they get up to is always hilarious and I like how they are all so different, but they fit together so well.

Clarence is that kind of kid whose hands are always sticky! Clarence likes to be everyone’s friend and he is always up to some kind of mischief. He is the kind of kid that you can tell would be annoying as hell, but you cannot help, but smile and laugh at the stuff he gets up to and you can tell he has a good heart.

Sumo and Jeff could not be any more different. Sumo comes from a large family and is a real wild child and Jeff has two moms and has some kind of OCD going on. I love it when the two are at odds with each other, but usually, they always end up being buddies again by the end of the episode.

While Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo are the main three characters, we also see a lot of Clarence’s mother and her boyfriend Chad. Chad is such a good dude and while I guess he is a bit of a bum, he is a nice guy and tries his best to be good to Clarence and his mother.

There is also a good ensemble cast here with the other kids from Clarence’s school regularly appearing in episodes. My favorite character has to be Belson who is a total jerk rich kid, but I love his deadpan style and the way he is such a jerk to people. However, he also has depth as a character as you can tell that his parents are the reason, he is the way that he is!

There are only three seasons of Clarence, but this is the kind of show that you can put on any random episode and have a lot of fun with it. Even my son who is pushing 16 now and hates most things will watch Clarence if it is on and still get a kick out of it and have a few laughs which I love to see.

Now, I do have to address the elephant in the room when talking about Clarence and that is the creator and voice actor of Clarence Skyler Page getting fired from Cartoon Network for sexual harassment! This does lead to a change in voice actor for Clarence, but I must admit it is very, very hard to notice. However, I am pretty sure that is why we have yet to get a full release of Clarence on DVD or Blu-Ray, to my knowledge there was only one DVD released.

Clarence is such an awesome show and if I had to do a top-five list of Cartoon Network shows, Clarence, would be on it. This is the kind of show that when I watch it, I always smile and I am so glad that Cartoon Network has started airing it again. Cartoon Network needs to start a new channel dedicated to shows that no longer get new episodes and I am not a fan of the majority of the new stuff they have been putting out recently!

Clarence is an animated TV series that spans three seasons and 130 episodes. Download it now and have a good relaxing time.
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Clarence Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Clarence, Sumo, and Jeff are such a fun trio to watch interact with each other
  • I honestly do not think there is a single bad episode of this show
  • This is a show that is fun for people no matter if they are 10 or 100!
  • I always get a few laughs when I watch this show
  • The behind the scenes stuff with Skyler Page does take some of the shine away from the show
  • I wish that Cartoon Network would release a full box set of all three seasons
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