I have reviewed many other Adam Sandler movies here on the site and if you read them, you know I am a huge fan. Look, I get that a typical Adam Sandler movie is not going to be for everyone, but for those who like him, this is exactly the kind of thing we want. You know, I actually think that Click is one of the more underrated movies from the Adam Sandler library.

How to Download Click

Click was released on June 23, 2006. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. If you like Adam Sandler, check him out in Mr. Deeds, Anger Management, 50 First Dates, or The Longest Yard.

Delving Into Click: A Movie That Mixes Comedy with Depth

Click is directed by Frank Coraci who is certainly no stranger to working with Adam Sandler. While Adam Sandler does have a producer credit, from what I gather, he did not actually have anything to do with the writing of Click. Still, this is 100 percent your typical Adam Sandler style of comedy that I have learned over the years, you either love or you hate!

Even if you have not seen Click, you will no doubt know what the premise is. Adam Sandler leads the movie as a man called, Michael. Michael is a workaholic who regularly puts work before his wife Donna and his kids, Ben and Samantha. You can tell that Michael deep down is a good guy and wants to be with his family, but he also wants to provide them with a good life and that means working a great deal, even at the expense of family time.

The Relatable Struggle of Balancing Work and Family in Click

It is made worse by the fact that Michael’s boss, who is played by David Hasselhoff is a real asshole and super abusive. I have to say that The Hof is fantastic in this role and you can tell that he and Sandler were having a great deal of fun. Anyone who has had a real jerk of a boss will love living through Michale during one specific scene of this movie.

I also have to say that I love Donna. Donna is played by the stunning Kate Beckinsale and you just wonder the whole time you watch this how Michale can pick work over her and the kids! One night, Michael needs to head to the store to buy a universal remote and that is where he meets a strange dude called Morty. Morty gives him a very strange universal remote and with this remote, Michael can control time!

Click’s Message: The Importance of Living in the Moment

Michale is able to speed up and slow down time! This allows him to skip over the boring stuff at work and get straight to getting a promotion. The problem is that life goes on while he is using the remote and he is on “auto-pilot” meaning that he is there in the physical form, but he is missing out on the moments.

The remote starts to learn what Michael likes and in no time at all, it is skipping massive parts of his life, years at a time! His life is an absolute mess and it is really heartbreaking to see as like I said, you can tell deep down that Michael is a good guy. You know, in many ways, Click is like A Christmas Carol…did I really just compare an Adam Sandler movie called Click to A Christmas Carol? Yes, I did and I stand by it!

You do have many funny moments here, many of which were spoiled in the trailer which was annoying! However, while you have your typical Adam Sandler comedy here, you also have a movie with a fantastic message about family. Putting your family first, living in the moment, and being there for those that you love is ultimately the message of Click… and slowing down time when a chick with big boobs runs past too!

Click, starring Adam Sandler, is a heartfelt comedy about life's priorities, with a magical remote that controls time but at a cost. Download it now.
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  • There are some very funny moments in this movie
  • I liked how family was the real message at the heart of the movie
  • This movie has some very underrated special effects
  • It is a typical fun Adam Sandler movie, so if you like those, you will like this!
  • This is not for those who find Adam Sander’s schtick tiresome!
  • While I thought Michael had a good heart, some people do not like him
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