Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Sony animation studios have consistently throughout ages been able to produce animated films which have gained sympathies and perception of the fans and critics. Among its several recognized animated films is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs which was officially released in 2009 and promptly gained fan’s admiration. The film was adapted from a children’s book with the same name which was originally written in 1978.

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The Movie Review

The directors of the film involve Phil Lord and Christopher Millers who are scrutinized as an iconic duo in the industry as they put forward their best work together. They are widely known for making various acceptable animated and live-action films. Pam Marsden worked as a producer for the film alongside Phil and Christopher.

Voice acting by the starred cast in the film was remarkable and it was a leading reason for the film’s mild success. The film’s cast involved some of the reputable actors such as Bill Hader who is viewed as an exceptional comedy actor who voiced the main character and like his most comedic performances he made a stunning portrayal in the film and gained bundles of appreciation.

Working alongside as a voice actor was Anna Faris who is eminently known for her work as a comedy actor and her performances in the Scary Movie series (2000-2006). Other voice actors for the film involve James Caan, Andy Samberg, Bruce Campbell, and numerous other actors.


While fans and critics relished the voice acting in the film, simultaneously they were unfulfilled by the plot and considered it to be immensely dull and not paced well enough. The narrative of the movie takes place on a small island named Swallow Falls in the Atlantic Ocean whose economy is run by sardine business, where the protagonist for the film named Flint Lockwood enacted by Bill Hader lives with his monkey and his father.

After witnessing his city’s economic decline rapidly he brainstorms an idea of creating a machine that can turn water into food and in this way he would be able to improve his people’s diet. He invents the machine and rockets the machine across the island. His invention attains him sympathies from people of his city as they can enjoy an endless amount of their favorite food.

His invention also gains his city huge recognition worldwide and foreigners start to visit Shallow falls that later gets renamed as ChewandSwallow. Gradually he starts getting a lot of insistence from his people to make various types of food rain for them, while he is hesitant to comply and fears that the machine might overload, he gives in and puts immense pressure on the machine.

And after a while, he notices that the food size starts to become abnormal and that’s when the machine becomes flawed and colossal sized food starts to drop on the city. Flints drafts a way to destroy the machine by inserting a USB flash drive with a kill code on it.

He quests to the stratosphere with Sam Sparks voiced by “Anna Faris” his monkey and his town’s former mascot Brent portrayed by “Andy Samberg”, where he faces several hurdles in the form of food which try to cease him from his mission. After facing those hurdles Flints gets to the machine but finds out that the kill code had been erased and he calls his dad voiced by “James Caan” to send him the code. After risking his life he destroys the machine and saves his city from further destruction.


While the film was not a very big hit and fans and critics were not that pleased by the plot and character design it was not considered to be a horrible film either. It was an entertaining film for the segment of children who do not give much thought to the plot and the characters were fascinated by the colorful visuals of the film.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a science fiction animated film that will appeal to almost all audiences. Download it now.
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