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Daddy’s Home 2 is one of my favorite family comedies from the last few years. If you enjoyed the first movie, you will enjoy this, it is that simple. The cast returns, but we get epic new additions in the form of Mel Gibson, Jon Lithgow, and John Cena who all play their parts perfectly.

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The Movie Review

Movie Plot Summary

I think a little bit of the reason that I prefer Daddy’s Home 2 over the first is that this is a Christmas movie and I am a real sucker for a Christmas movie. Brad and Dusty have been kicking all kinds of butt as co-dads to Megan and Dylan. They have a system, they are buddies and everyone is happy.

Family Dynamics

However, on the other side of this, Dusty has married a woman called Karen who has a daughter called Adriana, Adriana is not keen on Dusty at all and despite Dusty making the best effort to bond with her, it is not going all that well. Due to something Mega says, it is decided that they will have one big joint Christmas this year and everyone seems on board with it.

Grandparent Chaos

Yet, there are a couple of things that cause chaos and that is the grandparents. Dusty’s absent father Kurt who is played by Mel Gibson shows up. Kurt is awesome and you can tell that Mel Gibson was having a ton of fun playing this badass old lady’s man. Dusty holds some real resentment towards his father who he feels was never there for him when he was a kid.

While Kurt may be the cool grandfather, Brad’s father, Don (played by Jon Lithgow) shows up. Don is the complete opposite of Kurt! Don is a loving father and grandfather and he and Brad are like best friends. Megan and Dylan love him and see him as their main grandpa!

Family Tensions

Kurt who has not seen his grandchildren in many years becomes jealous of all the love and attention the kids show Don and hires a place in the woods for them to spend Christmas. Kurt is trying to cause friction between Dusty and Brad and manages to drive a wedge between the two that sees them at odds with each other once again.

To make this Christmas even crazier, Kurt stirs the pot even more when Adriana’s father, Roger (John Cena) who Dusty is intimidated by shows up. We also get some great stuff with the kids in this movie too as Dylan has a crush on a girl and Megan and Adriana tease him about it, this has a funny outcome at the end of the movie. However, it is the men trying to give Dylan advice about girls that I thought was truly hilarious.

Heartfelt Family Entertainment

Just like the first movie, Daddy’s Home 2 does have a lot of heart and is a great movie the whole family can watch together. It shows that it is never too late to be there for someone and how family is what Christmas should be about. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is a movie (along with the first) that I watch every holiday season and it probably will be forever!

Daddy's Home 2
Daddy's Home 2 is hilarious family Christmas comedy with a star-studded cast. Download it now and see what happened this time.
9 Total Score
Daddy's Home 2 Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I love how this is a Christmas movie
  • The addition of Mel Gibson and Jon Lithgow is awesome
  • Once again like the first movie, this is a great comedy the whole family can enjoy
  • The cabin in the woods setting is something that I love
  • Like the first movie, if Will Ferrell is not an actor you like, you may find this annoying
  • There was talk of a third movie, but so far nothing has come of it
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