Today I am going to try and do the awesome Netflix Original, Dark justice. The reason I say that is this is one of the most compelling and addictive TV shows you will ever see. It has so much going on that it may seem like it would be hard to keep track of. The show is done so well though that while it keeps you guessing, you never feel completely lost.

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You can stream it or you can download the show for offline viewing if you have the Netflix App. Also, click on the Download button at the end of the review to access the show website.

The Movie Review

This is a German TV show that was produced by Netflix. There are three seasons and those three seasons make up the entire show. This may not seem like much, but it is actually the perfect length. There is no filler here, each and every episode feels like it matters and I am glad they did not extend it just for the sake of doing so.

When you start watching Dark, you will think that this is some kind of crime drama. The series is set in a town in Germany called Winden and children have started to go missing. There are four families that make up the main portion of the cast, but it is pretty surprising at how deep the cast of this show is.

You see what starts off as a “crime drama” soon turns into an epic sci-fi story that is about time travel. There is a wormhole under this town that allows time travel and the four main families find that their lives are interconnected in a truly fascinating and dark way. It is great stuff, and the level of complication is so big that for the most part, it is tough to keep track of who is who and when – but surprisingly – this is good because it makes the show deep and amazing food for thought.

The show goes to many different time periods. It starts in the modern-day, but we end up going to the ’80s, ’50s, the future, and even a parallel reality! It is awesome sci-fi stuff and it keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next as the stuff that the characters do can have dire consequences.

Speaking of characters, I mentioned how stacked the cast is. A huge reason for this is that many of the characters have multiple versions of themselves in the show. They go from a child all the way to being old, it is very interesting stuff and something that I do not think many other shows have done.

Dark is one of those shows that is criminally under-appreciated. It is ignored by many but loved by a few. It is one of the best Netflix original shows and it is a show where the less you know about it, the more mind blown and amazed you will be by it. The show is in German, but it does have subtitles or You can stream and watch it with an English dub.

Dark is a three-season mystery science-fiction TV show. Download it now and prepare for a fascinating, mind-boggling, and emotional experience.
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