Double Impact

Released in 1991, Double Impact is a fun, but rather brainless Jean-Claude Van Damme movie. One of the things that is neat about this is that Van Damme actually helped director Sheldon Lettich with the script. Lettich and Van Damme are an awesome combination having made Bloodsport together which is one of my favorite movies of all time! They also worked together on many other awesome action movies over the years.

How to Download Double Impact

Double Impact was released on August 9, 1991. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. For more Jean-Claude Van Damme action, check out Universal Soldier, and The Expandables 2.

The Movie Review

I remember seeing Double Impact on the shelf at my local video store when I was a kid. I had no idea this movie existed, but Van Damme was my number 1 action here and this was a movie that had double the “Van Dammage” so it had to be awesome. I begged my dad to rent it which we did.

Plot Summary

The plot of Double Impact is not going to win any awards and it is all over the place, something I realize more as an adult. However, as a kid, this just went from one action scene to the next and that was all I wanted. We have two twins called Chad and Alex and they live in Hong Kong with their parents.

Different Upbringings

Their parents are killed by some triad goons. However, Chad is rescued by their security chief Frank and taken to France and raised by him, Alex is rescued by the maid and dropped off at a Hong Kong orphanage. As you would expect, the two boys had very different upbringings.

Contrasting Upbringings

Chad was taught to be thoughtful, and respectful, but also badass fighting skills as well, Alex on the other hand was pretty much raised by the streets and has survived by being a criminal. I think that Van Damme deserves way more credit for playing these two roles than he gets as he truly does a good job.

Reunion and Conflict

Now living in LA and having a good life, Frank tells Chad that they have a big business opportunity in Hong Kong so they head over there. Well, Chad ends up trying to hook up with this hot and eager woman and the reason she was so eager was that she thought Chad was Alex! Yup, Chad just about did the deed with his estranged twin brother’s girl!

Seeking Revenge

Alex knows why their parents were killed and it turns out that a criminal called Griffin is behind it and they need to take him out to get revenge and get what is rightfully theirs. Look, this is as basic an action plot as you can get, but it is still a fun time. Alex and Chad are so different and do not get on well at first at all.

Formidable Team

However, Chad and Alex along with Danielle (Alex’s girlfriend) and Frank make a formidable team as they go up against these bad guys. I have to give a special shoutout to Kara who is played by Corinna Everson and she is such a badass with the most dangerous set of legs I have ever seen on a woman! She dishes out a roundhouse kick on this one dude that is still one of the coolest things I have seen in an action movie.

Unfulfilled Sequel

It is a shame that Lettich and Van Damme never got to make their sequel that they wanted to as I would have loved to have seen this. While it is not in my top five Van Damme movies of all time, Double Impact is a fun early 90s action movie that feels like it could have been released in the mid to late 80s and that is meant as a compliment. It just sucks the Blu-Ray we have of this is average at best in the looks department!

Double Impact
Double Impact is '90s action flick starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as twin brothers seeking revenge in Hong Kong. Download it now.
7.5 Total Score
Double Impact Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • You get double the Van Damme in this movie and that is awesome
  • Kara is one of my favorite female action movie villains of the 80s and 90s
  • Some of the fight scenes are very well done
  • This is a great movie if you are in the mood for something light on plot, but high on action
  • We still do not have a good HD transfer let alone a 4K release of this
  • The plot is not all that great or interesting if I am being brutally honest
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