Early Man

Early Man The Stone Age and The Soccer are expressions that have a null relation, and for this reason, we will rarely find them in the same sentence. Early Man is a film that is responsible for uniting these extremes, thanks to the hand of the director of Chicken Run, Nick Park, this film shows us how a tribe of cavemen needs to learn to play football so they can recover their home.

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The Film Review

The film places us from the perspective of Doug (Eddie Redmayne), an ambitious, charismatic and adventurous boy, who lives in a tribe of cavemen made up of ten people and Hognob (Nick Park), a boar. Still living in the Stone Age, surviving by hunting small animals and eating vegetables, Doug is not satisfied because he always wanted to hunt something as big as a mammoth.

Once, the city of the cavemen received the visit of the Lord Nooth (Tom Hiddleston), a revolutionary governor who governed a city where the bronze age was established. He discovered that the city was full of metal, and he leads his army to conquer it, banishing all the tribe, and only magma was left behind.

Doug manages to sneak into the bronze city and discover that in this city they practice something called “The sacred game”, this is soccer. The little caveman has an idea and is to challenge the best football team in the city, Real Bronzio to be able to recover their lands if they manage to emerge victorious from the game.

From there, an adventure will begin in which the men of the caverns will discover the secret that their ancestors maintain with this sport. They will be surprised by how attached their roots are to soccer

The scenes have spectacular CGI (Computer Generate-Images), responsible for bringing smoothness to scenes that couldn’t be seen before in stop-motion films. The level of quality is so high that they can even show a football match without stops.

Despite having a simple plot, Park managed to convey the same passion and humor that characterizes it, which we find in films like Wallace and Gromit. This is the film that the public wants to return to the cinema, and for this Early Man had so much acceptance.

The disappointment of this film is that to belong to the genre of comedy, rarely the spectator throws a smile. There are many forced jokes, and instead of causing grace, the viewer may feel uncomfortable.

Music jewels like The Real Slimshady (Eminem), Somebody to Love (Freddy Mercury) and Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd) make up the excellent soundtrack of this film. At times you feel the emotion that you are watching a real football team.

This film, which premiered in 2018, is aimed at all audiences and in 89 minutes shows how sports can unite groups of people, regardless of race, sex, age or social status. This had an enormous acceptance of the public, in which it managed to raise a little more than 42 million dollars.

Early Man
Early Man is an animated comedy movie that tells a story of the Stone Age cavemen having to win a football match in the times of Bronze Age. Download it today and have a laugh.
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