While I thought that Maya Lopez/Echo was a cool character in Hawkeye, I was not sure she needed her own series! What a fool I was as Echo is a tremendous mini-series and one of the best Marvel Disney Plus shows so far. I also have to say it was so great that Disney put all of this up there at once, I hate how they tend to put their shows on once per week!

How to Download Echo

Echo was released on January 9, 2024. You can download or stream the film from Disney+. Click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The TV Series Review

The Plot of Echo

Echo is the story of Maya Lopez. Maya had a messed up relationship with Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) who she saw as her uncle and she killed many, many people for him. Maya would find out that it was Fisk who was responsible for her father’s murder and she took him down herself…. Or so she thought.

Exploring Maya’s Past

We see Maya return to her hometown where she deals with her estranged family. I love the way that the show dives into her Native American ancestry and we find out that she has powers and why she is called “Echo”. I loved the flashbacks, they really were not something I was expecting and it was a major highlight of the show for me.

Facing the Kingpin

Maya should have known that a single bullet was never going to keep the Kingpin down! In no time at all, Fisk has his goons looking for Maya and she needs to fight to save her family and free herself from his grasp. As far as Marvel stories go, Echo is way more scaled back, but that is what I loved about it. Yes, it has a little bit of mysticism here, but it just added to the overall story.

Action-Packed Scenes

There are some fantastic action scenes in Echo. Alaqua Cox is such a badass and the way she kicks so much ass is a blast to see. The use of ASL in the movie is neat too and I think it is awesome how we have this character who is deaf and also an amputee, but that does not matter as she is a badass anyway. It is awesome to have this kind of representation in a show and they do not hit you over the head with it, it is just the way it is.

Compact and Engaging

As well as putting all of the episodes on at once, I liked how Echo was a smaller series. The longest episode is about 40 minutes in length so the show does not ask for much of your time. By having fewer episodes, it kept the pacing really good, there is always something happening and by the end of it, you have had one hell of a good time.

Future Possibilities

In typical Marvel fashion, it does set some things up for either a second season or for Echo and for Fisk to appear down the line. Oh, I also have to mention the epic fight scene that features Daredevil in the first episode! It shows how great a character Maya was that by the fifth episode that epic fight scene is not all you remember about this show. As always, be sure to watch the credits scene in the last episode, I think New York could be in some big trouble!

Echo is a gripping Marvel series exploring Maya Lopez's journey, filled with action, mystery, and Native American heritage. Download it now.
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Echo Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Maya Lopez is such a cool and badass character
  • Vincent D'Onofrio is amazing as Kingpin
  • This show has some great action scenes
  • The show moves at the perfect pace and is never boring
  • It makes me want more Echo, but I do not think anything has been announced yet!
  • It is not as bad as other Disney Plus shows, but some scenes are a tad too dark
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