Does anyone remember Mark Steven Johnson’s directed Daredevil film starring Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell, and Jennifer Garner? Well, me neither for the most part, but it seems that there was a spin-off of that movie that somehow turned out to be worse than it. The director of The X Files film, Airborne, and Reign of Fire somehow managed to get another film to make, one so bad that his entire career was thrown into shambles once it was released.

In fact, this movie being released after the studio watched the final product in itself is a miracle. However, it was a miracle that managed to become a massive box office failure.

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Elektra Review

The horrible story begins with Elektra Natchios, one of the most popular comic book characters from the daredevil storylines. The story showcases Elektra as a young warrior woman looking to pave her own path in the world, but she is forced into a desperate situation that forces her to assassinate people for money. The trouble arises when she is tasked to kill an innocent man and his young daughter, which seems too big of a task for her despite the fact that she’s done worse.

So, naturally, being the antihero she is, she decides to protect them instead of killing them for no obvious reason.

Rob Bowman’s direction is genuinely mind-blowing in this film, and not in a good way. There is essentially no concept of pacing in this film, almost every single scene where there isn’t a fight going on, feels redundant to the plot. None of the characters say anything close to noteworthy, nor do they have any development whatsoever.

They remain static from the very first moment in the film to the very end of the film. Everyone aside from Elektra remains the exact same character, either a black-and-white good guy or a black-and-white bad guy. There is no concept of morally grey motives, even though the main character is an anti-hero.

What’s worse is the way this film was executed. Not only is it horribly filmed with some of the worst cinematography that you will find in a high-budget film such as this. It also features some of the worst acting which showcases how uninterested these actors were after they read this film’s script.

Jennifer Garner tries her best as the main protagonist, but it seems that every single take of her was just the first one, even if she didn’t do the best one yet. The rest of the cast is a bunch of character actors, the most notable of which is Terence Stamp as Stick, who doesn’t really do the character any justice.

I would forgive this film for all its faults if it had good action. some films, you just know that they’re going to have a bad storyline and bad characters, but they still feature some fantastic action sequences, such as the Fast and Furious franchise.

However, even after watching it twice and quite recently so, I can genuinely not remember a single fight sequence in this movie. in fact, it’s hard for me to even remember most of the story itself.

It is a generic film, with a generic action filter and boring cinematography, which is topped on with a genuinely bad soundtrack as well. Now, Christoph Beck has gone on to do some decent soundtracks in his career, but this one has to be his worst by far.

There is nothing in this soundtrack that is memorable or even exciting, it is so bland that it is hard to remember where and when it even played. It just blended into the environment and felt like noise rather than a pleasant element of the film.

The Verdict

Elektra is essentially one of those films that gets nothing right. There is no single element in this film that I can recall as decent, but everything that I remember has been bland or bad so far. It was hard to write this review due to the fact that this film was so bad, and it felt as if I was just beating a dead horse by criticizing it. Though in all honesty, films such as this deserve reviews like this so that studios realize that we don’t want random fan service, we want good films.

Elektra is a superhero film that is based on the Marvel Comics female character Elektra Natchios. Download it now and see what happened to this trained assassin.
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  • Horrible acting
  • Badly paced and lacks identity
  • Generic story, doesn't engage the audience
  • No memorable action sequences
  • Boring soundtrack
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