While Disney gets a ton of credit for bringing their animated classics such as The Lion King, Beauty & The Beast, and Aladdin to the world of live-action. Disney has made some fantastic original movies in the same vein such as 2007s Enchanted. While these days this may be overlooked for the movies that star their iconic characters, this is still a super fun time!

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This movie mixes live-action with animation. At the time this was released in 2007, it was the first movie in quite some time to be made with actual hand-drawn animation. The movie is fun in that it starts in an animated world. In this fairy tale kingdom, the ruler is an evil witch called, Narissa. She knows her position on the throne will be gone once her son finds a wife so she sets out to stop it.

This is where we meet the lovely Gisele who had dreams of marrying a prince. She meets with Prince Edward and they fall in love! Narissa is having none of this and before the wedding can take place, she shoves her down a well that transports her to the real world of New York City. This scene where she makes the transition is done very, very well.

I need to take a moment here to talk about the great cast Disney put together for this movie. We have Amy Adams as Giselle, Susan Sarandon as Narissa, James Marsden as Edward, and Patrick Dempsey as Robert, the man who because of his daughter ends up helping Giselle. Add to this talent such as Timothy Spall and Idina Menzel and you have a great supporting cast too!

Seeing this animated Princess type character go around New York City without a clue as to what is going on is great stuff indeed. When she meets Robert and his daughter, Morgan who believes that Giselle is a Princess, her fortunes do change. Plus, a couple of “friends” from the animated world show up to help her too.

The two main male leads are both fantastic. Edward is the cocky, cavalier, and handsome typical Disney prince. Robert on the other hand is dealing with the loss of his wife and has given up on love. The story is your typical “Disney” thing, but that is the point. This movie is designed to be a homage to all of the classic Disney Princess stories and it does it very well.

It manages to take the main tropes that those stories have and make them work here. Also, it is not scary to poke fun at these types of stories either which I found to be a lot of fun. We have had animated and live-action mixed together in movies before, but I do feel that Enchanted is one that does it very well, perhaps it is actually one of the best!

I know that when you see the poster or the icon for this on Disney Plus it looks like another Disney Princess story! While it is a Disney Princess story, Enchanted is more than this and it is a movie that the whole family can enjoy together. As I said, it is on Disney Plus and it is a movie that is well worth a watch.

Enchanted is a Disney live-action fantasy comedy film. Download it now and spend a great evening watching it with your family.
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