Enola Holmes 2

Fresh on the heels of 2020’s Enola Holmes, Enola Holmes 2 is a very worthy sequel. This movie would be another huge hit for Netflix and just like the first movie, it is a great deal of fun. We have Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavil, and Louis Partridge all returning from the first movie along with some new cast members such as David Thewlis who I thought was great.

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You can download or stream the film from Netflix. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. If you like Sherlock Holmes, check out also Sherlock Holmes (2009) and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

The Movie Review

Set after the events of the first movie, Enola is now living in London and has opened up her own detective agency after her success in the first movie. Enola has the best intentions in the world, but she soon realizes that not many people are interested in hiring a young woman to be a detective.

If anything, people come to her in order to inquire if she can put them in touch with her brother Sherlock! Enola’s spirit is a bit crushed until a young matchstick girl called, Bessie asks Enola to help her find her missing sister, Sarah. It is here she meets Mae and finds out that there is a typhoid pandemic at this match factory.

I do feel that Enola Holmes 2 starts off a bit slower than the first movie, but I think this is done on purpose. We have a much bigger conspiracy here that Enola ends up stumbling on that starts off at this match factory and ends up taking her to the highest of society that London has to offer.

Enola Holmes 2 is a much more “dynamic” kind of movie in that we go from the back streets of London to the industrial-looking match factory, the slums where the poor workers live, and even a fancy ball filled with lords and rich people. It makes for a very good and interesting-looking movie.

There are some great and fun action pieces in the movie and before long, Enola ends up running into her old pal, Tewkesbury and he ends up getting involved and helping her out. It is fun to see Enola come into her own as a detective here and the stakes do feel a bit higher than they were in the first movie.

One thing that I feel Enola Holmes 2 does better than the first movie is how it deals with Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock has a bigger part this time around and the interaction he has with Enola is great. He is stuck with a very challenging case that he cannot crack and it leads to a pretty awesome revelation that I hope is the setup for a Henry Cavil-led Sherlock Holmes movie!

I have been trying really hard to think about which movie I like best, Enola Holmes 1 or 2. Yet, I cannot pick a favorite! This is every bit as good as the first movie and I would put them as equals. You need to watch this shortly after you watch the first one as it feels like a natural continuation of the story they told there. In addition to getting that Sherlock Holmes movie I want; I would also love to see an Enola Holmes 3 as well!

Enola Holmes 2
Enola Holmes 2 is the sequel to the successful 2020 mystery film that is based on the series of books by Nancy Springer (1948). Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Enola Holmes 2 Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I liked how we got more interaction with Sherlock and Enola
  • The story is a very interesting mystery that keeps you guessing
  • Once again, the movie looks great with even more diverse locations than the first
  • It sets up something very interesting for the future of this franchise
  • Helena Bonham Carter is pretty much a cameo in this movie
  • I hope that Netflix releases this and the first one on Blu-Ray/4K at some point
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