Escape from Planet Earth

Animated films featuring aliens are a fun and exciting way for kids to escape into a new world and learn valuable lessons along the way. These types of movies often have vibrant and imaginative worlds that are filled with colorful characters and fantastical creatures, and most of the time they are incredibly entertaining making for some quality time spent. However, occasionally, there comes a film featuring aliens that doesn’t really scratch that sci-fi itch.

It’s not every day that we get to see a film as inconsequential as Escape from Planet Earth.

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The Movie Review

Escape from Planet Earth follows the story of astronaut Scorch Supernova, who is hailed as a hero on his home planet of Baab. When his brother, Gary, receives a distress signal from a dangerous planet called Earth, Scorch volunteers for the mission to save the day. Upon arriving on Earth, however, Scorch is captured by a sinister government organization called Area 51 and held prisoner.

Meanwhile, Gary must team up with a group of misfit aliens to rescue Scorch and save Baab from the evil dictator, Shanker. As they race against time to save Scorch and Baab, Gary and his new friends face countless obstacles and dangers, including treacherous battles and a journey through the fiery depths of Earth’s core. In the end, they must use their wits and teamwork to defeat Shanker and escape from Earth.

Escape from Planet Earth is the theatrical debut of Rainmaker Entertainment. The first half of the movie is slow, methodical, and chaotic, while the second and third halves are a more consistent blend of humor and vibrant visuals.

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t offer much in the way of substance. It is a film that may generate a few chuckles while watching but is quickly forgettable once it is over. There’s nothing in this film that you’ll look back to and think “wow, that was a cool thing in that film”, it’s just purely a mundane viewing experience.

I was disappointed by the animation quality in Escape from Planet Earth. While the character designs were somewhat interesting, the overall visual quality of the film was subpar. The colors were dull and unappealing, and the movements of the characters felt clunky and unnatural. Furthermore, the backgrounds and environments in the movie were uninspired and lacked detail.

This made the world of the film feel flat and uninteresting, and it took away from the overall enjoyment of the movie. Additionally, the special effects in the film were underwhelming and unimpressive. They were clearly low-budget and added little to the overall viewing experience.

Escape from Planet Earth falls short in the character and impact departments compared to other animated films from studios like Disney, Dreamworks, and Pixar. The all-star voice cast, including Brendan Fraser, Rob Corddry, Ricky Gervais, and many others, delivers strong performances. However, without memorable characters, the film is not worth investing time in.

Despite the talented voice actors, the movie falls flat in terms of emotional connection and lasting impact. They do try to keep the film entertaining for the audiences, but there is only so much that a talented cast of actors can do to increase the quality of subpar scripts and animation. Many of the actors in the cast, such as Corddry, Gervais, and Vergara, are talented but their skills are not utilized effectively in Escape from Planet Earth.

Fraser’s casting as the dimwitted hero is well-suited to his abilities, but he is the only actor who adds anything noteworthy to their role. Overall, the actors’ talents are wasted in this film.

The Music

Escape from Planet Earth has a strong soundtrack that avoids relying heavily on 1990s dance tunes. While there is a dance number at the end, it does not dominate the soundtrack. That’s what made the soundtrack more potent for me personally, but it has many elements that make it better such as the overall tune selection and the moments in which the music is used.


Escape from Planet Earth follows a predictable and uninspired plot, with jokes that feel stale and rehearsed. While the movie may appeal to children, it offers little entertainment for adult viewers. The overall quality of the film is unremarkable, and it is unlikely to make a lasting impression.

Escape from Planet Earth
Escape from Planet Earth is an animated film from 2013 with a science fiction setting. Download it now and see what happened.
5 Total Score
Escape from Planet Earth Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The voice cast is star-studded, and Brendan Fraser is a standout performer here!
  • The soundtrack is definitely one of the best ones in an animated film from the 2010s!
  • The story is super forgettable
  • The characters are boring and unremarkable
  • The animation quality isn’t up to standard, even though it’s a new studio
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