One of the weirdest things about Marvel’s latest blockbuster Eternals is the name. I keep wanting to call this “The” Eternals, but the official name is just Eternals which just sounds odd. Anyway, this was a bit more of an obscure movie for Marvel to make, but to be fair, you could have said that about Guardians of the Galaxy too before it was released.

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the film should be available on Disney+ 45 days after its theatrical release. Click on the Download button to visit this streaming platform.

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So far, Marvel has not let me down with the MCU. There is not a single MCU movie that I do not like, there are just some that I like better than others. Eternals I think would probably come somewhere nearer the bottom of my best MCU movies list. It was a fun watch, but I think that it may have been better if they split it into two movies.

The first thing to note is the cast! Eternals features a team of 10 heroes. Sersi, Ikaris, Kingo, Sprite, Phastos, Makkari, Druig, Thena, and Gilgamesh are led by Ajak. We get to see these immortal beings throughout history, which is really cool and it has that spectacular look you would expect from a Marvel movie.

Our heroes protect mankind from The Deviants. The Deviants are these monstrous creatures that will kill anything in their path and they look awesome. Seriously if I was a kid I would be all over toys of these things. Heck, I am nearly 40 and if I were to see them in a store now I would probably still buy them!

Each of the 10 characters has their own abilities. Diversity was a key theme before the movie came out and that is not just in the backgrounds of the characters, but in what each character can do also. You may think that with 10 characters the movie will either be way too long and bloated or some characters will be ignored.

I think for the most part director Chloé Zhao nails it and each character gets a little bit of time to shine. Of course, some characters are clearly more important than others with Ikarus, Sprite, and Sersi getting the most screentime. One of the most interesting aspects of the movie was the various relationships that they had with each other.

These are beings that have been around for centuries so it goes without saying that there have been many dramas over the years! Now, the whole battle with The Deviants thing was very well done and a great deal of fun. I actually think the whole first part of the movie was fantastic.

However, Eternals in typical Marvel go big or go home fashion raises the stakes to an intergalactic/cosmic level for the movie’s second half. Look, this is pretty cool and spectacular, but it was not as cool as the first part of the movie. It was like they had an idea for two movies and decided to blend them together into this one.

I thought that Eternals was a fun movie and their inclusion in the MCU sure is interesting. The thing is, I just think that with a cast of characters this big and what feels like two very different types of battles for them to be part of it is kind of hard to follow in places. Again, it is certainly not bad, but I think this is the kind of movie I will have to watch once or twice more to truly see how I feel about it.

Eternals is a superhero movie based on Marvel comic books. Download it now and learn about this extraterrestrial race of humanoids.
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