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I heaped a ton of praise on the first Extraction movie and I am going to do the same with Extraction 2! I thought that this was a fantastic movie and a great sequel. I do not see any way that fans of the first movie will be disappointed with this. For whatever reason you have still not seen the first movie, you have an awesome double feature on your hands with these two now!

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Extraction 2 – the Movie Review

I thought that the first movie had a perfect story arc with a great ending that brought our hero, Tyler Rake’s story to a close, he died a hero’s death…. Only he did not die! I think that Extraction 2 does an amazing job of showing just how much damage was done to Tyler during the first movie. This is no quick and easy fix for him and he eventually moves to the wilderness and plans to retire.

We also get a lot more depth to Tyler, he is not exactly thrilled that his life was saved at the end of the movie, he was pretty much ready to go. I think that this is arguably the best performance of Chris Hemsworth’s career! However, retirement does not last long for Tyler as his ex-wife needs his help.

You see, his ex-wife’s sister is married to a gangster, and in some kind of gang war retaliation, his wife (his ex-wife’s sister) and his two children have been kidnapped and only Tyler can get them back. It is an interesting setup for a movie and I truly believe that only family could have gotten Tyler to come out of retirement and head into war again.

The action in Extraction 2 is the best of any Netflix original movie, only the first Extraction comes close. There is one action scene that is like a 20-minute single shot and it is amazing! I love the John Wick series, but I hand-on-heart think that these two Extraction movies have them beat when it comes to adrenaline-fueled balls-to-the-wall action.

There is no nonsense in this movie, it is a hard-hitting and brutal action movie that is not for the faint of heart! It is like an extreme version of a classic 80s action movie and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. Now, for as much as I freaking love this movie, it does have a bit of a pacing issue.

The movie is great do not get me wrong, but I feel that the first half, maybe ¾ of the movie is where all the most badass and awesome action happens. It kind of slows down a tad towards the end, not in a bad way, but I did notice it. To be fair, it was a rather interesting choice loading the front of the movie with the most intense action.

I was so pumped up after watching Extraction 2 that I went straight online to see if there would be another movie and I am happy to say that there is! Extraction 2 is a great sequel and it nearly comes close to being as good as that first movie. I will be checking this out again in a few weeks and it may be like the first movie where I liked it even more the second time around.

Extraction 2
Extraction 2 is an action thriller from 2023 that is a sequel to the 2020 movie Extraction. Download it now and enjoy the performance by Chris Hemsworth.
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Extraction 2 Review Summary

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  • Chris Hemsworth is even more badass than in the first movie here
  • I liked how Tyler was more damaged in this movie
  • This is one of the greatest action movies of the last decade!
  • It has one of the most amazing action scenes you will ever see!
  • I sound like a broken record here, but the chances of this coming out on Blu-Ray or 4k are slim to none
  • I do feel that the movie loses a tad (and I do mean just a tad) of steam toward the end
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