Finding Dory

Finding Dory is an animated film that was released on June 17, 2017. This is the sequel to the movie Finding Nemo from 2003. The picture was directed by Andrew Stanton. Here we meet again the characters well known from the first part of the movie – Nemo the ocellaris clownfish or Crush the turtle but also new ones like Destiny, the nearsighted whale shark.

In the latest Disney / Pixar animation, the blue and yellow Dory fish together with her friends, Nemo and Marlin, decides to discover the secrets of her past. This endeavor proves to be quite complicated and causes a lot of trouble because the main character since she has been a little fish, suffers from lack of short-term memory. That made her even forget that she had has parents!

How to Stream or Download Finding Dory

Finding Dory with dubbing and subtitles in many languages can be watched online, for example on the Netflix platform. The movie can also be downloaded or rent from the iTunes platform, both in HD and SD resolution. Closed captioning and audio descriptions are also available. To start the download click on the button at the end of the review.

The Story

During the high tide, Dory becomes separated from her mum and dad. From this point onward, her goal is to reunite with her family. The problem, however, is that she cannot remember how she ended up where she is now. Swimming to and fro in the ocean, she bumps into Marlin, looking for his missing son Nemo. Sometime later, Dory lives with Marlin and Nemo on the reef. She decides to become a teacher’s assistant. Together with a group of young fish, she moves on to see the migration of rays. She suddenly remembers having parents who may be looking for her. Regardless of the huge obstacle of memory problems, she decides to find them. she remembers that they lived in Morro Bay on the Ocean in California. The confused fish together with Marlin and Nemo embarks on an adventurous journey to find her loved ones.

Thanks to the help of the Crush sea turtle, swimming with the current, they manage to reach California. When Dory accidentally wakes up a squid that almost devours Nemo, Marlin is angry at her. Dory, feeling rejected, decides to find help on her own and find her relatives without her two companions. She is, however, captured by the employees of the Maritime Institute of Life off the coast of California and placed in the quarantine section. There she meets Hank, the octopus, who wants to live in an aquarium due to his traumatic experiences in the ocean. He agrees to help Dory find her parents in exchange for her tag which guarantees that the owner of the tag will be sent to an aquarium in Cleveland and not released back to the ocean.

The New Characters

There are many new characters in the fairy tale. Among them you will find:

  • a couple of lazy sea lions (Fluke and Rudder),
  • the visually impaired whale shark – Destiny,
  • or the beluga whale that lost its ability to echolocate – Bailey.

Each of these characters makes the production more varied and dynamic. Will they be able to help Dory on her quest to find her parents?

Finding Dory Review

Is Finding Dory a good movie? Definitely. Even the youngest children will be drawn completely by the story and will keep suspense until the very end. Because Where is Dory is a classic and simple animation that focuses on the young viewer and does not try to attract adult audiences with ambiguous texts that are incomprehensible to the child.

Finding Dory
Finding Dory is the continuation of the famous animated film Finding Nemo. It was published 14 years after the original. This time the main protagonist is Nemo's forgetful friend. Download this movie tonight.
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