First Blood

Who doesn’t love them some Rambo? I grew up in the 80s and like most kids, freaking loved Rambo! I remember watching the first three movies over and over again and playing the hell out of Rambo III on my Sega Mega Drive. This is such an 80s action movie that I think unless you grew up with it, it probably seems kind of dated today. I watched it again recently and feel like it holds up though and is a great example of what 80s action movies were all about.

How to Download First Blood

Rambo: First Blood was released on October 22, 1982. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. Also, check out our review of Rambo: Last Blood.

The Movie Review

One of the things that I always think is amusing about this movie is the title. When it was first released, it was just called First Blood, however, it also goes by Rambo: First Blood or even First Blood Part 1. For me, I have always just called this Rambo 1 and I do not think I will ever call it anything different.

First Blood – The Key Facts

Fact Information
Movie Title Rambo: First Blood
Genre Action
Release Date October 22, 1982
Download and Streaming Available for download/streaming on various digital platforms.
Related Movie Rambo: Last Blood
Main Character John Rambo
Plot Decorated veteran John Rambo, suffering from PTSD, clashes with Sheriff Teasel in a small town, leading to a manhunt.
80s Action Classic Rambo: First Blood is considered an iconic 80s action movie that still holds up today.
Unique Title The movie is known by various titles, including “First Blood,” “Rambo: First Blood,” or simply “Rambo 1.”
Character of John Rambo John Rambo, despite his combat skills, is portrayed as having a good heart and soul.
Small Town Conflict Rambo’s clash with Sheriff Teasel in a small town sets off a manhunt.
80s Action Extravaganza The movie features a classic 80s action storyline with dramatic showdowns.
Collector’s Item The movie has been released multiple times, with Blu-Ray and 4K versions available for collectors.
Ultimate 80s Action Rambo: First Blood offers an epic 80s action movie experience that is both fun and thrilling.

The Story of John Rambo

The movie is set in the early 80s and is about decorated veteran John Rambo who was a Green Beret and part of an elite team. Rambo went through hell in Vietnam and has bad PTSD and has struggled to find his place in the world since the war ended. For such a brutal killing machine, Rambo does have a good heart and soul in my opinion.

Clash with the Small Town Sheriff

Rambo is going to visit an old war buddy of his but finds out that he passed away. This leads Rambo to the small town of Hope where he is picked up by the evil Sherrif Teasel played by Brian Dennehy. I have seen Brian Dennehy in countless movies over the years, but he was so good here that I have never liked him, he will always be the bad guy to me.

The Manhunt Begins

Sherrif Teasel takes Rambo to the outskirts of town and tells him that he wants no vagrants in his town and to basically beat it. Rambo ignores him and heads back into town which enrages Sherrif Teasel. He is so mad that he arrests him even though Rambo never did anything wrong.

Rambo’s Fight for Survival

While in custody, Sherrif Teasel, and his men torture Rambo, but he manages to escape and runs into the wilderness. Once again, the psycho Sherrif Teasel is enraged and engages in this massive manhunt to take Rambo down. Looking back, it is kind of funny how this small town Sherrif has access to all this high-grade weaponry such as helicopters and rocket launchers!

An 80s Classic

Rambo uses all his green beret training to try and survive and defeat Sherrif Teasel and what feels like his never-ending supply of deputies. Rambo is an absolute 80s classic for me and a movie that will always make me smile. It is not a perfect movie and it is completely ridiculous and unrealistic, but I love it even more because of that.

The Ultimate 80s Action Experience

While it is not the kind of movie you watch to stimulate your brain. Rambo is the kind of movie that you watch if you want to have fun and experience an epic 80s action movie. This has been released many times on DVD, I have the Blu-Ray and it is fine, but I really need to pick up the 4K release of this at some point as I have heard very good things.

First Blood
First Blood is a 1982 action film known as Rambo: First Blood. Download it now and see what happened to one Vietnam War veteran,
8.5 Total Score
First Blood Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • John Rambo is such a badass character
  • The action and violence in this movie are completely over the top and I love it!
  • I think the message of the horror soldiers feel after a war gives the story a bit of depth
  • This is 80s action at its very best!
  • Some of the early DVD releases of this are a bit rough in the visual department
  • I think someone who never grew up with this may not get into it as much as it may seem dated
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