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I was so excited to see Free Guy last year, but then the pandemic hit, and the movie was shelved for a year. Well, thankfully, Free Guy made it out this year and it is one of the more fun movies I have seen so far. Ryan Reynolds is a riot in this movie and if you are a fan of most of his stuff, you are in for a good time here.

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The Movie Review

Anyone who has seen a trailer for the game knows what the plot is at this point. Guy (Ryan Reynolds) is a mild-mannered bank teller in the video game Free City. He is an NPC and pretty happy going to work every day with his best buddy and security officer in the bank, Buddy played by the hilarious Lil Rel Howery.

Guy wakes up every day, blissfully unaware that he is a video game character, but he longs for that one special person. Well, one day he walks past the woman of his dreams and it changes his life. He starts to question things and in the world of Free City, there are those with glasses (the players) and those without.

After about the 100000000 robberies of his bank, Guy decides to try something new and he ends up putting on a pair of glasses. He freaks out and starts to see the “game world” although he still does not know he is a video game character. He runs back into the girl of his dream, who in the game is called Molotov Girl, but in the real world, she is called, Millie.

The thing with Free Guy that is very clever is that you have this world in the video game Free City, but you also have the “real” world too. In the real world. Millie (Molotov Girl) is a video game designer who believes that the creator of Free City, Antwan stole the code that she and her partner, Keys created.

Keys ends up taking a job with Anton and working on Free City, but Millie keeps her fight to try and prove that they were screwed over. Taika Waititi as Anton is hilarious and a villain that you really want to see get his comeuppance. In the game world, Guy starts to try and help Millie and she finds herself becoming attracted to him.

Anton decides to pull the plug on Free City as streamers all over the world are freaking out over how Guy, an NPC is doing all this awesome stuff. The problem is that Antwan has Free City 2 about to be released and he wants all eyes on that. He decides destroying Free City is the best way to do that.

The movie has two fun plots running side by side. You have Mille and Keys trying to prove that Antwan stole their code in the real world and Guy and Millie trying to save the AI people of Free City. The movie is just so much fun and if you are a gamer, you will get a kick out of the way things in Free City work. While it is a fun movie, it also has a lot of heart and the romance subplot (the real one) is actually quite lovely and makes you say awe.

Free Guy
Free Guy is a 2021 science-fiction comedy. Download it when it is available and see what happened one day in Free City.
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