I hate to say this, but Freelance kind of sucked! I so wanted to like this movie, an action comedy with John Cena (Daddy’s Home, Fast X) and Alison Brie (Get Hard, Promising Young Woman), on paper, this is something I should have loved. Heck, it even has Christian Slater in it which is awesome as it feels like forever since I saw him in something.

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The Movie Review

This is probably the most forgettable and generic movie that I have seen this year.

Disappointment Despite a Great Cast

John Cena is a super likable guy with a ton of charisma and he is the perfect actor for an action comedy. I also really like Alison Brie, she is a very talented actress who is a good serious actress, but she can also be very funny too.

Wasted Talents

Their talents are completely wasted in this movie! John Cena plays a former soldier called Mason who ends up getting medically discharged. Mason now works as a lawyer and is a family man, but he is not exactly happy, but he ends up getting offered a job by his old boss during his soldier days.

Lame Plot

His job sounds very simple. Mason is hired to be a bodyguard for journalist, Claire Wellington (Alison Brie) as she heads to Paldonia to interview the ruler, President Juan Venegas who is played by Juan Pablo Raba. Our main three characters are all played by good actors, but what they have to work with is so lame!

Predictable Storyline

What was supposed to be a simple interview turns deadly. A coup is staged and it sees Mason, Clarie, and Juan have to run into the jungle to try and survive. There is a “twist” that you can see right from the start and the action here while not bad, is not even all that exciting The comedy feels so forced and is a complete waste of John Cena’s comedic chops.

Unlikable Character

I hated and I mean hated the character of Claire. When we first meet Claire she is a truly horrible character that is impossible to like. She has no redeeming qualities whatsoever! As you would expect from a movie as predictable as this, she changes and becomes “nice”. However, there is no slow build to this, she all of a sudden just stops being mean for what seems like no reason at all.

Forgettable and Uninspiring

To be fair, Freelance is not the worst action comedy movie I have ever seen. I liked the jungle setting and I guess some of the action scenes were ok. However, it is all just so forgettable. You can see where the story is going right from the start and when the credits roll you feel like it has just been a massive waste of your time.

Conclusion: Not Worth the Watch

I hate to say this, but there is no reason to seek this movie out at all. If you are completely stuck for something to watch and it is on one of your streaming services, give it a watch. I do not even think I have it in me to give this a second chance! I just have zero interest in watching this ever again! It really sucks too as I think John Cena has been on a great roll with the action comedies, he has done over the last few years so hopefully this will not hurt his career.

Freelance is a disappointing action comedy despite a talented cast, with a forgettable plot and forced humor. Download it now if you're interested, though.
4.5 Total Score
Freelance Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • People running around the jungle is kind of fun
  • It only lasts a little over 90 minutes
  • You get to see John Cena shirtless
  • Alison Brie is easy to look at!
  • The whole movie is predictable right from the start
  • It is not a horrible movie, but it is one of the most average action comedies I have seen in a long time
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