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I had heard about Gantz and knew how popular it was, but Gantz: 0 thanks to Netflix was my first personal exposure to the series. It is a fun action anime that is way more style over substance, but I still liked it. I am sure I would have gotten more from the plot had I known the backstory of these characters, however, if you want a fun action anime movie, you can do a lot worse.

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The Movie Review

If you think that Gantz: 0 looks cool, just go with the flow and do not look too deeply into the plot. We have a group of people fighting off these monsters, Reika who is a badass chick, ends up getting saved by her friend, who ultimately dies. The team ends up transported back to what you assume is their base in order to be sent on their next mission.

It is here we meet our other main character Kato. Kato was killed in the subway while dealing with a mugger and now he has awakened in this strange place with Reika and her team. He is told that when people die, they are put into this “game” where they have to fight and kill all of the alien monsters.

Anyone that manages to get 100 points by killing monsters can get one of three bonuses. The bonuses that they can get are better weapons, bringing back a dead teammate, or freedom from the game. Gantz is this black orb-type computer thing that sends the team onto their next mission which is in Osaka.

Kato is trying to come to terms with all of this! Kato and Reika strike up a bit of a “romance” type thing that I think was pretty fun. Basically, we have a team of badasses with cool suits, cool weapons, and cool gear fighting monsters. The movie moves at a very fast pace and like I said, I am sure you would appreciate the plot more if you were familiar with the manga.

However, I had fun with it and it was easy to figure out what was going on. The real draw of Gantz: 0 is the phenomenal animation and the incredible action scenes. This is one of the greatest-looking CG anime movies that you will ever see. Some of the scenery looks photo-realistic and the characters all look and move great too.

It goes from one action scene to the next pretty quickly and you never have time to get bored or question the strange dialogue or what is actually going on. I did watch the English dubbed version of the movie and I have heard that watching it in Japanese with English subtitles actually makes things make more sense so I may give it a second watch in Japanese.

I can see why some people give Gantz: 0 10/10 and why some are like it is a 5/10 movie at best. If you want a compelling and deep plot, this is not the movie for you, but if you want something action-packed, fun, and stylish, you will have a lot of fun with this. If it sounds like your kind of movie, give it a try and decide for yourself if it is amazing or overrated!

Gantz: 0
Gantz: 0 is a CGI (computer-generated imagery) animated action movie that is based on the manga Gantz. Download it now and see what happened in Japan.
8 Total Score
Gantz: 0 Review Summary

  • This is such an amazing-looking movie
  • The action in the movie is some of the best you will see!
  • I liked how fast-paced the story was
  • Some people consider this to be the greatest animated movie of all time!
  • The plot is not exactly amazing or all that meaningful
  • The characters do not have much depth to them at all
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