Grown Ups

If you like Adam Sandler and his pals, chances are you will like Grown Ups. This is one of the many Adam Sandler going on vacation with his buddies movies that he has made over the years. Hey, you have to admire the guy, he gets to go to these cool places with people that he is close to, have a blast, and make movies that his fans like.

How to Download Grown Ups

Grown Ups was released on June 25, 2010. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. If you like Adam Sandler, check him out in Anger Management (2003) or 50 First Dates (2004).

Movie Review: Grown Ups

While I like Grown Ups, I will admit that I can see why for some people it is pure trash. This is about as modern Adam Sandler as you can get. It is a formula that he has done to death and if you did not like it the first time you saw it, you will not like it here. However, as someone who likes most of Adam Sandler’s movies, I have a soft spot for this and have enjoyed it each time that I have watched it.

A Typical Sandler Flick

Grown Ups is the story of a group of friends. We have Lenny played by Adam Sandler, Eric played by Kevin James, Kurt played by Chris Rock, Marcus played by Davide Spade and Rob played by Rob Schneider. It is about as typical of an Adam Sandler movie cast as you can get, but that is part of what I love about the movie.

Humor and Heart

These guys won a basketball championship when they were kids and they find out that their beloved coach has passed away. They rent a nice cabin on the lake and decide to all meet up for a big vacation together. It is about as predictable as you can get with the slapstick and the humor, but hey, if you like that kind of stuff from Adam Sandler and friends, you will like it here.

Unexpected Depth

Now, while there is a lot of silly slapstick and dumb humor here, I do think that Grown Ups has more depth than people give it credit for. Ok, so saying that Grown Ups has depth may be going a bit far, but I think the way it dives into people pretending to be happier than they are and having these middle-aged characters face life and the choices they make was quite a brave decision for what is an Adam Sandler comedy movie.

Stellar Cast Chemistry

To say that Grown Ups has a stacked cast is a huge understatement! Salma Hayek, Maya Rudolph, Maria Bello, Colin Quin, Steve Buscemi, Tim Meadows, and more are all here too. It makes for a great and fun cast and as you would expect, there is a lot of chemistry here, especially with Adam Sandler and his friends.

Final Thoughts

Talking about Grown Ups is kind of weird. I actually really like this movie and think it is a fun time when you are looking for something light and easy to watch. Yet, with that being said, if someone told me that they hated this movie, I probably would not argue with them. The enjoyment you get out of this depends on how much you like Adam Sandler comedies and not his 90s stuff like Happy Gilmore, his 2000s movies are what we are talking about here.

Grown Ups
Grown Ups is a comedy film starring Adam Sandler and his pals, offering typical Sandler humor and a heartwarming story of friendship. Download it now.
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Grown Ups Review Summary

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  • If you enjoy Adam Sandler movies, you will have fun with this
  • It is crazy how stacked and talented the cast in this movie is
  • The slapstick and humor is something that I enjoyed
  • It does try to add more depth to the story which I appreciate
  • If you do not like Adam Sandler or his frequent collaborators, you will not like this
  • While I enjoy this movie, I think the sequel is better
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