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George Miller is an intricate director, he doesn’t just make a film randomly, he doesn’t just accept any script and makes a film on it, he chooses his films quite meticulously and then devotes a huge amount of time to make them a perfect product. that perfectionist mindset is reflected in his work, films such as the original Mad Max trilogy, Lorenzo’s Oil, Babe: Pig in the City, The Witches of Eastwick, and Mad Max: Fury Road. However, the two films that stick out in his are the Happy Feet films, and while the first one was great, the sequel is quite the disappointing venture.

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The Movie Review

Due to his son Erik’s choreography-phobic nature, Mumble, The Master of Tap Dancing has found himself in a dilemma. Erik, who doesn’t want to dance, flees and meets The Mighty Sven, a flying penguin! This new role model is so compelling that Mumble has little chance of keeping up. However, when strong forces upset the world, things get worse. As Mumble unites the penguin nations and all manner of fantastic creatures from tiny Krill to enormous Elephant Seals to put things right, Erik discovers the courage and tenacity of his father and unlocks his inner tap dancing potential!

I must say, the original Happy Feet impressed me greatly. The third act’s unexpected dark turn made the movie edgy and unique for me. Moreover, it was just good fun throughout its run time. I felt it was superfluous when a sequel was revealed. The narrative of dancing and singing penguins can’t really be pushed that far, and evidently, that turned out to be quite true. It is upsetting, to say the least since the sequel feels useless and completely forgettable five minutes after you’re done watching it.

The film’s clumsy storyline is another problem. For instance, the Matt Damon and Brad Pitt-voiced shrimp characters’ plotline feels forced and out of sync with the rest of the movie. Additionally, the characters are quite obnoxious, which doesn’t help.

Thankfully, the cast of the film never lets you down. Although Elijah Wood and Robin Williams performed identical roles in the first film, they were nonetheless excellent here too. Even if they are portraying the most unnecessary characters in the movie, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt are both entertaining as Will and Bill. Pink is a genuinely great addition, meanwhile Hank Azaria, almost steals the night. He comes in last but certainly not least.

The primary issue with Happy Feet Two (aside from the above-mentioned fact) is that there aren’t as many strong musical pieces as there were in the previous film. The majority of them are really just plain average. There are, however, possibly three that are on the good to fantastic side, one of which is the dance sequence that is unquestionably the greatest in the entire movie and incorporates the song Under Pressure. This is not an acceptable number for a film that relies entirely on music though, so that was a letdown.

Now to the really important side of this film, the animation and visual effects. This movie has some awesome special effects and animation. It looks incredibly cool when the Krill gather up and illuminate the ocean. The ice tumbling down looks pretty spectacular due to the phenomenal effects and texture filtering. The penguins are really well animated, especially when it comes to them talking and moving, not to mention, they have made them look extremely lifelike.

The Verdict

Overall, Happy Feet Two was a pointless sequel that has some positive aspects but also has plenty of obvious issues that tragically can’t be excused simply because this is a children’s film. Similar to the original film, I can see why some people will like it and others like me will not. However, this time around, the problems stand out quite a bit, but it still manages to be a fun and entertaining film for kids in particular.

Happy Feet Two
Happy Feet Two is an animated musical movie from 2011 that tells the story of amiable penguins. Download it now and have fun.
5.5 Total Score
Happy Feet Two Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Really great animation
  • Phenomenal voice acting and singing
  • Brilliant visual effects and cinematography
  • A pointless story that repeats the same narratives as the original quite often
  • The film has few musical numbers that are good
  • Useless character arcs thrown in for no reason
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