House of Cards

House of Cards is THE Netflix original series. This was the first show that we now class as a Netflix original and it has been a huge hit for the streaming platform. I came into this really late, my father-in-law was always telling me I should watch it and when I did, I binge-watched the first season in just a few days!

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Overall, House of Cards has six seasons and each one is great! Now, I know that when you look this show up these days, what you find is all the real scumbag stuff that Kevin Spacey was revealed to have done. I get for some people watching the show may be hard with what has come to light about him and that is something I certainly understand.

However, if you are able to get past that (not condoning the horrible things he has done at all) you will find this to be an addictive, engaging and exciting political thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time through. This is a show that I am thankful I came into late as by the time I watched this all six seasons had aired so I did not have to wait in-between seasons and with each season having a cliffhanger that is great!

So what exactly is House of Cards all about? Well, our main character in the first five seasons is, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). Frank works in the White House as a “House Majority Whip”. However, he wants more than this and he sets out to get the ultimate power (the presidency of the USA); he does not care about what he has to do in order to get it.

Beside Frank is his wife, Claire who is played by Robin Wright. While these days it is Kevin Spacey that gets talked about, Robin Wright for me is the absolute star of this show, her portrayal of Claire is amazing. I would go as far as to say that it is one of the best performances of any Netflix TV show.

Claire is loyal to Frank and is with him in his search for power. However, without going into spoilers, Claire has her own hopes and dreams and before long it is she who holds all the power. Look, I could go into more detail about what you can expect over the six seasons of House of Cards, but that would spoil things for you.

We have love, sex, betrayal, murder, and more all happening in this show. To borrow a line from the great Roddy Piper, “just when you thought you had all the answers, the show changes the questions”. This is truly an amazing show and I will admit that when I got to the sixth season I was a little worried.

In case you did not know, Kevin Spacey was fired and not part of the sixth season and as I got to it, I wondered how the heck it would work. Well, it works, works well, and actually makes sense. I am not sure what season I would say is my favorite as they are all great, but I think the ending of season five is some of the best stuff that Netflix has ever done.

As you can tell, House of Cards is a show that I really enjoyed. It is one of the best political thriller shows that I have ever seen and apart from having Kevin Spacey in it, I cannot think of a single negative thing to say about it. If you have not seen the show, you are in for a real treat like I was as you can watch it all back to back!

House of Cards
House of Cards is a 2013 American TV series that spans six seasons and 73 episodes. Download it now and enjoy the thrill.
9.5 Total Score
House of Cards Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I love Robin Wright!
  • From the first season all the way to the end, this show is fantastic
  • It has way more action, drama, and excitement than you would think
  • This is the number one political thriller series/movie for me!
  • Some may not be able to watch it due to the involvement of Kevin Spacey
  • I cannot think of anything I did not actually like about the show!
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