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As I sit down to ponder the absurdity of those who proclaim this film to be the worst of all time, I am struck by how humorous it is to hear such grandiose statements. Is it really that terrible? In my opinion, no.

While it is far from a masterpiece and does have its fair share of shortcomings, it is not one of the worst films ever made. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that it is not the worst film of 1995. Johnny Mnemonic is a cyberpunk travesty though, and yet it also brought Keanu Reeves’ face into the world of action after he started with Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!

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You can download the film from a digital store. You can also stream it. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. If you want to see more films with Keanu Reeves, check him out also in The Matrix (1999), Constantine (2005), 47 Ronin (2013), or John Wick (2014).

The Movie Review

In the year 2021, the world is ruled by powerful corporations that operate with little regard for anything other than profit. One of these companies is PharmaCom, a global pharmaceutical giant with a presence in every corner of the globe. Enter Johnny, a mnemonic courier with an implant in his brain that allows him to store and transport vast amounts of data.

When he accepts a job that overloads his implant with more information than it can handle, he finds himself not only struggling to get rid of the data but also pursued by a host of bounty hunters and criminal organizations eager to get their hands on the valuable information stored in his head.

As the clock ticks down and the danger closes in, Johnny must navigate the streets of Newark and outmaneuver his pursuers in a desperate race against time to rid himself of the data and evade those who would do him harm.

It appears that director Longo tried to fit several of Gibson’s ideas into the film adaptation of Johnny Mnemonic, resulting in a somewhat disjointed narrative.

In the source material, the Lo Teks are depicted as living high in the rafters above the city streets, but in the movie, they are shown residing on an old bridge, similar to the portrayal of people living on the Golden Gate Bridge in Gibson’s novels Virtual Light and All Tomorrow’s Parties.

Additionally, the character of Hooky, the bartender at the club where Johnny meets Ralfi, bears a resemblance to Ratz, a bartender from the book Neuromancer.

Furthermore, Johnny’s access to the internet in the movie serves no apparent purpose in the story, aside from allowing for the inclusion of some CGI special effects. It is unclear why this deviation from the source material was included in the film.

The characters in the film are engaging and each has their own distinct personality, but unfortunately, Keanu Reeves’ portrayal of the protagonist, Johnny, falls flat. His performance is lacking in energy and enthusiasm, and he delivers his lines in a monotone manner that is unengaging.

It’s possible that he was not a fan of the movie, as his lack of enthusiasm is palpable. This may be his worst acting job to date, and that’s saying a lot because he’s not the most talented actor out there in all honesty.

In this futuristic tale, the viewer is transported to a world dominated by powerful corporations, ruthless crime syndicates, and immersive virtual realities.

The film’s production design is top-notch, with authentic sets and a sleek visual aesthetic that fully immerses the viewer in this vision of the future.

So, I must say, when it comes to the production design, this film hits a home run. However, in terms of cinematic presentation, the cinematography is awful and jarring. It’s hard to make out what’s happening on-screen at times due to the grainy nature of the film.

The Music

One aspect of the film that stands out is the music, which manages to effectively capture the mood of each scene. However, despite this strong point, the film suffers from poor pacing and a weak atmosphere.

The visuals are impressive, but they are not fully supported by the music track, which is somewhat outdated and cheesy, but somehow still manages to work in the context of the film. The soundtrack itself does have its fair share of flaws, despite being one of the saving graces here.


Unfortunately, this film is a poorly done adaptation of William Gibson’s decent story, and it is unlikely that it will ever be given a proper adaptation.

Keanu Reeves gives a typical wooden performance, lacking in emotional range and failing to bring depth to his character. The film’s inability to follow through on its promise to show the protagonist’s gruesome death is also a disappointment. All in all, this movie is a disappointment in every way.

Johnny Mnemonic
Johnny Mnemonic is a cyberpunk film based on a short story by American-Canadian writer William Ford Gibson (1948). Download it now.
2.5 Total Score
Johnny Mnemonic Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Only the music is somewhat good in this film
  • Keanu Reeves does his worst acting job
  • The story is quite busted, with tons of plot holes and random conveniences
  • The cinematography is abysmal
  • There’s a lot of bad visual effects here, some might be decent but most are quite horrible
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