Jumanji: The Next Level

Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle was an awesome thrill ride and I was excited to see what the sequel, The Next Level had in store. Jake Kasdan is once again back to direct with all the main cast from the first movie. This time Jumanji is broken and things are getting taken to the next level…. Sorry for the horrible pun!

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The Movie Review

The Cast

The movie once again has the same young cast as before. Spencer, Fridge, Bethany, and Martha have moved on from high school and are friends as they explore the world of college.

Spencer though is feeling down. He has split up with Martha and when the gang all goes back home for the holidays, his funk he is in leads him to try to fix the Jumanji console and cartridge!

As you would expect this does not go well and ends up with him being sucked back in! His friends go back into Jumanji to get him out, but there is a complication. Spencer’s grandfather, Eddie played by Danny DeVito and his friend, Milo who is played by Danny Glover ends up sucked into the game as well.

The adult cast is even better this time around. You see not only do Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karren Gillen, and Jack Black have to pretend to be the kids, they also have to pretend to be the old guys too. The Rock pretending to be Danny DeVito and Kevin Hart acting as Danny Glover is truly hilarious stuff.

Jumanji: The Next Level: the Story

Once again Jumanji needs their help and they have to put a stop to the tyrant that is Jurgen the Brutal. There are many great set pieces in the movie and I think it is very clever how each part of the movie plays out like a different level of a game. Also, the adult cast getting the chance to flex those acting muscles by playing multiple characters is a lot of fun to see.

The special effects are fantastic and there are some scenes such as one where they are trying to traverse rope bridges while being attacked by apes is awesome. The movie moves by at a million miles per hour and has a lot of laughs, but it also has a lot of heart too. You do feel for Spencer and his crisis that he is going through, but the real heart of the movie is with the old folks!

That is right it is the relationship between Eddie and Milo that really shines here. It is sad and happy at the same time and it was a real surprise if you ask me how well this was done. The movie right until the end keeps you on your toes and with the way it ended, I really do hope that there will be a third one!

The Bottom Line

Jumanji The Next Level is a fantastic follow up to Welcome To The Jungle. I really do not see how they could have followed that movie up any better than they have done. With lots of laughs, some awesome action and even some heart too, this is a movie that really does have it all.

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