Knives Out (2019 movie)

A good friend of mine sold me on this movie. “You have to check out Knives Out, it is basically a live-action of Clue/Cluedo” was what he said. Hearing this along with the stellar cast which featured the likes of Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Katherine Langford (remember her from 13 Reasons Why?), and tons more great actors made this a must-watch movie for me.

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The movie is about a very wealthy crime writer called, Harlan Thrombey. He is a very wealthy man and he is the patriarch of a very dysfunctional family. He is found dead under mysterious circumstances after turning 85 and this leads PI, Benoit Blanc who is played awesomely by Daniel Craig to figure out what exactly happened.

From the family to the staff working at Thrombey’s massive estate, everyone is a suspect, and watching Benoit Blanc try and solve the case is truly engrossing stuff. Especially when it ties into Marta. Marta was Harlan’s helper and she plays a key role in the movie. She is played by Ana De Armas and she turns in a fantastic performance.

Speaking of a fantastic performance. Everyone involved in this movie absolutely nails their part. I mentioned a few actors above, but that is just the tip of the iceberg, Toni Collette, Don Johnson are also great. I had not seen Don Johnson in something in years so seeing him here was great.

I will admit that when I heard it was Rian Johnson directing and writing this, I was a little unsure as I still had some resentment after The Last Jedi. This feeling was unnecessary as this was one of the most fun and interesting movies, I had seen in the last few years. I really cannot praise him highly enough for this movie.

It is shot wonderfully well and most of what happens takes place on the Thrombey estate and it has a very interesting look to it. Remember how I mentioned Clue/Cluedo before? Well, the whole manor gives you vibes of that game, and the whole movie you will be trying to figure out who the killer really is and what their true motives were.

I was kept guessing right until the very end and even when I thought I had it nailed, I was never 100 percent sure that I was right. I love a good murder mystery movie and this is one of the most fun I have ever seen. It is one of those movies where you are best off watching a trailer and then reading or watching nothing more of it as the less you know about it the more engrossed you are going to be.

If you enjoy murder mystery movies then you will struggle to top this one. They do not make many movies like this anymore and I assure you that you will be on the edge of your seat for most of this movie. It has amazing performances from the actors and from start to end it is just a great ride and one that you will remember for a very long time.

Knives Out (2019)
Knives Out is a captivating detective story in the vein of Agatha Christie novels. Download it now and have a great time.
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