Leaving Neverland

If you have looked at an online news site, watched the news on TV or just been browsing social media, you have heard about Leaving Neverland. It is one of the most talked-about documentaries in years and it is the kind of thing that everyone has an opinion on.

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You can stream and watch Leaving Neverland online if you have access to HBO Go. The platform doesn’t allow you to watch its movies online (like you can in the case of Netflix) so a download is not possible.

The Movie Review

I will say right off the bat, Leaving Neverland is not a nice thing to talk about. It is about child abuse so that is something you have to be aware of before you sit down and watch it. It can be rather hard to watch as it can be quite graphic with its descriptions. Plus seeing the two men who are the main focus of the documentary is rather hard too.

The stories of Michael Jackson and child abuse have been around for decades at this point. This documentary focusses on two men, Wade Robson, and James Safechuck. Wade Robson is actually famous in his own right having choreographed for acts like Sync and Britney Spears as well as having his own show.

These two were “friends” with Michael Jackson along with the two boys parents when they were children. The documentary is an account of their time at Neverland Ranch and what happened when they were alone with Michael.

One of the hardest things about the documentary is actually seeing the two men talk about how they feel about their parents. They talk about how it was like Michael groomed and abused the parents as well which was quite a hard thing to hear, especially if you are a parent yourself and asking how they could have let something like this happen to them.

The documentary is very one-sided that has to be said. It is not up to me to say if I think everything these guys are saying is 100 percent true. At the same time, it is not up to me to say I do not believe it. I just watched it with my mouth open the whole time just in awe of what I was hearing and I think that is the effect it has had on many people all over the world.

Now, this documentary is all about and told from Wade and James’s point of view so it is understandable that it will be their point of view that pushes the whole thing. However, I do feel that it could have had a bit more of a two-sided kind of narrative as after the documentary has come out there have been some very interesting counter pieces to what has been said released.

Again, there is no way anyone should play down what these guys say they went through and only they for certain know what actually happened. However, they do come across very convincing, so convincing that some radio stations have said they will never play Michael Jackson songs again.

Leaving Neverland is not a nice documentary as you would expect and if you are a Michael Jackson fan it can actually make you pretty sick to hear these heartbreaking stories that these men open up about. I do feel it is a very interesting documentary, but the subject matter and the graphic way it goes about it may make it a bit hard for some to stomach.

Leaving Neverland
Leaving Neverland is a documentary about the relationship of the pop star Michael Jackson with two boys who when they turned 30 claimed that they were victims of sexual abuse. Download it now.
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