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After every few bad films, there comes a franchise killer. I’ve reviewed a dozen of these franchise killers here on this website, and there are more coming out every single year. The latest of my reviews saw the final entry into the Die Hard franchise, which was such a powerful franchise killer. This time around though, this one – Legally Blondes – just ruined the wait for an entire fan base. Legally Blonde fans thought they were onto something, and they were onto nothing but a horrifying reimagination of a childhood classic.

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Simply put, the twins’ widower dad, Christopher Cousins, finds a teaching job, so they move to the USA from the UK. They are placed in a luxurious prep school where, after challenging snobby Brittany Curran’s reign as school queen, they form their own group using common sense and fashion sense. There, they win over a few the other students. That, however, doesn’t sit well with Curran, who together with her henchman Chad Broskey, attempts to implicate Bobby Campo, a boy she is dating, and one of the girls in a cheating scandal. She also makes an attempt to separate the twins apart.

I watched this on Netflix, and all I can say is that it’s awful. Everything about the movie including the acting, the plot, cinematography, editing, and literally everything else is simply TERRIBLE. The only possible reason to watch this film is that you want to laugh at the movie rather than along with it. A low-budget parody of the original Legally Blonde, Legally Blondes has a plot that is essentially the same; the only difference is that the action takes place in a high school with twins rather than a genuinely fascinating main character.

These are just flat-out bogus characters that aren’t interesting. There are absolutely no characters worth connecting with. Every single one of them is the same as what you see in other movies with comparable stories. It seems like nobody tried to be creative in this film and just did what they always do in other movies. The twins don’t make any effort to engage the audience, so it immediately seems as if I’m witnessing someone’s life pass me by without any depth.

The acting in this movie is so bad that it immediately pulls you out of the experience before you even begin. The twins are introduced to you right away, yet their acting is so terrible that you can’t help but dislike them as characters since they feel like parodies rather than actually interesting people. Should I relate with them because they’re relatives of Elle Woods, just because the movie tells me to do so? Well, that’s not going to happen. The acting in this film is just too over the top and not at all what the characters call for. For a well-funded movie of three, the acting is truly appalling and could literally pass for a middle school play.

Even visually, it suffered greatly. Everything that was once glamorized has been degraded to something you may buy at your local charity shop or may rummage through at a yard sale. There’s little to no personality here in this film, and it just looks like almost every other Netflix teen film that is chock-full of some of the worst cliches in comedy in the genre. Moreover, the camera work is so bad that it’s just hard to watch the film without cringing at every shot.

Every single aspect of the aesthetic is botched of course, including the soundtrack as well. There are zero good music moments in the film, nor are there any good sequences where the music would have felt appropriately put. There’s no enhancement to the scenes, nor to the overall design of the film. It’s just unlikable in every form.


The disappointment I feel knowing this is a part of a series of two wonderful movies, and that they’ve made this one so awful is beyond words. This movie is so cheesy, so corny, and so awful that I had to take a mental break from reviewing it after I was done watching it. In conclusion, I strongly advise against seeing this movie, especially if you’ve just seen and enjoyed Legally Blonde. In all honesty, not even Reese Witherspoon’s cameo appearance could have salvaged this movie from definite failure.

Legally Blondes
Legally Blondes is a comedy film from 2009 that tells a story about two British twin sisters who are the cousins of Elle Woods from the first two movies. Download it now.
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  • A horrible story with boring characters
  • The acting is terrible, some of the worst performances in modern films
  • The film looks cheaply produced and shot, the camera angles are what you’d find in Freaks and Geeks
  • The music never fits any single moment, and it’s unremarkable throughout
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