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Little Fockers is a movie that I so wanted to be good. What we have here is a prime example of going to the well one time to many. Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers are so much fun, but this one really misses the mark. It really sucks too as Meet The Fockers was one of the most fun atmospheres I was ever in while in a movie theatre.

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The Movie Review

I will start with the good. They get cast back together. Ben Stiller, Robert DeNiro, Owen Wilson, Dustin Hoffman, Barbara Streisand, and Teri Polo are all here. It is like on paper they have all the things that made the first two movies so good here. However, this lacks the soul and heart those movies had.

They do add some new cast members, most notably Jessica Alba, Kevin Hart, Laura Dern, and Harvey Keitel. All of these are great actors and in theory, should make this already stacked ensemble cast even better. That is not the case at all and outside of sex-crazed Jessica Alba, they are kind of forgettable. Although the cameo from Jordan Peele is kind of cool.

The Plot and Setting

Little Fockers is set five years after the events of Meet the Fockers. Greg and Pam live in New York and they are getting ready to celebrate their twin’s fifth birthday. Pam’s parents Jack and Dina are coming to visit and Jack now sees Greg as the man to be the new head of the family.

The Plot and Setting

The chemistry between Ben Stiller and Robert DiNiro is sometimes still here. However, most of the stuff Jack does and says seems way meaner here and I found him to be a very unlikable character, to be honest with you. Jack and Greg being at odds is part of the fun of this series and Jack had character growth in the first two movies, but here, it just feels off and far more artificial than before.

Of course, Greg’s parents Bernie and Roz show up to and the whole both families together along with the stress of work and married life are driving Greg crazy. This feels like they sat down and made a list of the stuff that made Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers so much fun.

Comparison to Previous Films

They then tried to just replicate that here in Little Fockers, but this feels so flat and soulless in comparison to those movies. There are a few moments here that are sure to make you smile and laugh. However, I have tried to watch this a few times and I have always found myself wishing I was watching one of the other two movies instead. To be honest, this is a movie that is on my list of movies I could go the rest of my life never watching again and be happy with about that.

Final Thoughts

I do not flat-out hate Little Fockers and I have certainly seen way worse movies, but there is no way you can not compare it to the previous movies. This falls flat in pretty much every way, it is a movie that I feel did not need to be made. Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers worked perfectly as a double act, watch those and give this one a miss.

Little Fockers
Little Fockers is a comedy about the chaotic life of Greg Focker as he navigates family and in-law dynamics. Download it now.
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Little Fockers Review Summary

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  • Jessica Alba is very easy on the eyes
  • Owen Wilson’s Kevin is a lot of fun still
  • It does have a few moments that nearly capture the magic of the other two movies
  • This is such a disappointment in comparison to the two previous movies
  • Jack is not likable at all in this movie
  • It feels like a real cash grab of a movie
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