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As someone who did not even know Lockwood & Co. was based on a series of books, I went into this show with no expectations. From the trailer I saw, Lockwood & Co. gave me a kind of Ghostbusters/X-Files/Wednesday kind of vibe and those are three things I like very much. This is a Netflix Original series and one that is clearly made for the “YA” crowd, but I feel anyone can have fun with this show.

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The first season is only eight episodes long so it is not a massive commitment for you. The show has a fun concept as in this world, ghosts are causing trouble as they make their way into our dimensions and only ghost-hunting agencies can stop them. It is a fun premise and something that certainly got me interested.

There is this teenager called Lucy who has some great ghost-hunting abilities and is on her way to being a fully trained ghost-hunter. However, something happens and Lucy has to stop her training. She runs away to London and tries to join a ghost-hunting agency. Due to her lack of qualifications, she is not seen as desirable by the bigger ghost-hunting agencies.

She comes across a ghost-hunting agency called, Lockwood & Co. Lockwood & Co. is run by Anthony Lockwood and George Karim. They decide to take on Lucy and they make a trio that are trying to make their way in the world of ghost hunting. As a threesome, I really like the group here.

I feel that each character plays their role really well and there is a kind of distrust between the three of them. At the end of the day, these are three teenagers and they make some typical mistakes that teenagers would make, only these are dealing with ghosts and deadly things! I liked the different weapons and instruments that the ghost hunters use!

The first episode does a great job of setting the tone. Our “heroes” are tasked with getting rid of a ghost from a house so it can be sold. It starts off as what seems like a simple case, but things go wrong and the stakes of the show just keep getting higher and higher as the trio ends up thrust into a very dangerous situation.

Lockwood & Co. is a show that is very well-paced. I thought that each episode moved at a quick pace and had a good blend of action, adventure, drama, and even a little suspense and horror sprinkled on occasion. It is a show that I feel will appeal to far more than the YA crowd that Netflix was clearly trying There are little bits of humor here and there, but I think the show could have done with just a little bit more of that.

Overall, Lockwood & Co. was a show that I enjoyed. While I am not familiar with the books, as a show, it was fun and I would certainly be interested in a second season. If you are in the mood for a show that is fun, has some supernatural flair, and is just a whole lot of fun, you can do way worse (especially on Netflix) than this!

Lockwood & Co.
Lockwood & Co. is a young adult supernatural TV series based on a book by British writer Jonathan Stroud (1970). Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Lockwood & Co. Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The main trio are all very likable in different ways
  • I love the whole ghost-hunting paranormal thing going on here
  • Most of the CG is done very well
  • The pacing of the show is great and makes you want to go straight into the next episode
  • I cannot say how faithful to the books the show is
  • I feel that a little more humor would have made this even better
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