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I am very excited today to get the chance to talk to you about Love, Death & Robots. This is a sci-fi anthology series that is on Netflix and it is awesome. The show first came to Netflix in 2019, but a second season was just recently added to the streaming platform. If you love sci-fi, quirky comedy, and just a lot of weirdness, this series is for you.

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The Show Review

The show was brought to us by the team of Deadpool director Tim Miller and his buddies. The idea of the show is that each episode will feature some combination of Love, Death & Robots, and sometimes all three. Each episode is its own standalone story and the running time for each one varies from around 6 to 17 minutes depending on the episode.

Each episode is made by a different team of animators, actors, and so on. There is some great talent that has worked on this show such as Topher Grace, Nolan North, Christine Adams, Michaels B Jordan, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and John DiMaggio to name just a few.

As each episode has its own team behind it, what you get on the screen is very different. Each episode has its own animation style and some are even done with live-action. Like any anthology series, some episodes are better than others. There is no way that I can talk about every episode of the show, but I do want to highlight my three personal favorites.

The first one I want to talk about is called Three Robots. Three Robots is hilarious as it is set on Earth, many years after the fall of mankind and three robots are taking a stroll to learn about humans. The way the robots interact with each other is awesome and there is a very fun twist with cats right at the end.

The next episode I want to talk about is called, Ice Age, and this is a live-action episode. Here Topher Grace and Mary Elizabeth Winstead have moved into a new apartment and there is an old fridge. Inside this old fridge is a lost civilization that they watch go through the ages, this episode is a lot of fun and reminds me of an episode of The Simpsons.

The other episode that I really enjoyed was called, Beyond the Aquila Rift. Set in the future a space crew is trying to make their way home, something goes wrong while they are in hypersleep and they awaken hundreds of years later in a very strange place. I loved the twist in this one!

Between the two seasons, you have 26 episodes to enjoy. You can stream and watch them in any order you want, but I just watched them in the order they were listed on Netflix. If you enjoy sci-fi, you will get a real kick out of Love, Death & Robots. I would say that the majority of the episodes are fun and there are only a few that I was not all that into. A third series has already been greenlit for 2021.

Love, Death & Robots
Love, Death & Robots is a series of animated science fiction short stories. Download it now and enjoy watching.
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