The first part of Lupin was released in early 2021 and then we got the second in June of the same year. Lupin is a French Netflix TV show and at the time of release, it was (it may still be) the most-watched non-English language show on Netflix. The show was a monster hit and the kind of show that people loved to talk about.

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I watched the initial trailer that Netflix put out, but I mostly went into Lupin blind. I am glad I did this; I knew that the show was a mystery/thriller/revenge kind of show and that was all I needed to hear to make me want to watch it. I was not actually prepared for the thrill ride that the show was!

The premise of the plot is about a man called, Assane Diop. Assane moved to France with his father from Senegal many years ago, but his father was falsely accused of stealing from the wealthy Hubert Pellegrin. That is terrible enough, but things get even worse as his father kills himself in prison, leaving Assane all alone as he grows up.

One of the pieces of comfort that Assane has is a book that his father gave him on his birthday. The book that Assane loves is about the gentleman thief, Arsene Lupin, and this changes his life. You see, he becomes very enamored with the life of Lupin and this is what really makes the show.

You see, we fast forward many years later and Assane is now all grown up, he is suave, cunning and he has learned a great deal from reading the exploits of Arsene Lupin. Assane now has a plan in place to basically infiltrate Hubert’s life in order to bring him to justice for what happened to his father.

From the first episode all the way to the very end, I was invested in what was going on here. I do think that the show actually has some similarities to the TV show, Revenge now that I think about it. Anyway, Lupin is the kind of TV show that you just want to binge-watch and that was how the wife and I watched it. I am actually glad that I came into this after both parts of the show had aired.

It really is a show that has you on the edge of your seat. I was never quite sure that Assane was actually going to get his revenge as so much goes on and there are all these twists and turns. It is the kind of show that my wife and I would love to talk about as we both had our own theories on how we thought things might turn out.

While the show is in French, You can stream and watch it dubbed in a few different languages. We watched Lupin dubbed in English and found that the dubbing was great and never once did it take me out of the moment. If you enjoy good mystery and thriller-type shows, Lupin is one that I cannot recommend highly enough, my wife and I are both very excited for the third part when it finally drops.

Lupin (TV series)
Lupin is a TV series about a professional thief Assane Diop. Download it now and mystery thriller action in France.
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