What one is Megamind again? Is what you will often hear when you bring this movie up as it is one of the more forgotten movies from the guys and gals at DreamWorks. To be honest with you, Megamind does what it does very well, but what it does is just not incredibly original. Still, if you actually watch this, you are in for a fun time.

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Megamind was released in 2010 right as the superhero craze was in full swing. The movie is a classic take on good vs evil, but it does to its credit try to go a little deeper than that. Two infants were sent from another planet to live on earth. One manages to be raised right and the other… Not so much.

Megamind grows up having a major rivalry with the one that is known as Metro Man. In Metro City, Metro Man is basically their answer to Superman and Megamind is kind of like the Lex Luthor. What the movie does quite well is showing these two growing up and how their rivalry just got worse and worse. Metro Man would always win, but one day Megamind actually does it, he kills Metro Man!

This allows him to rule the city, but he soon finds out that without his arch-nemesis his life is kind of boring and without purpose. It is kind of like the whole Batman needs The Joker and The Joker needs Batman thing. Megamind has a great idea to make a new hero for him to fight.

Of course, this plan does not work out like he thought it would and he creates a new supervillain who is even worse than him called, Tighten. Megamind does what he never thought would be possible and that is to be a hero, a hero to actually save Metro City.

There really is nothing remarkable going on as far as the plot goes, but there are some things I really do like. I like the way it shows Megamind actually starting to care about people (especially one in particular) and how that he realizes he made a mistake by getting rid of Metro Man.

Part of what makes Megamind such a fun movie to watch is the fact that it looks great. This is a movie that I would recommend you actually make the effort to track down on Blu-Ray as it looks phenomenal in HD. This really is one of DreamWorks more spectacular looking movies.

Also, the voice cast is tremendous. Will Ferrell voices Megamind and he is joined by his best buddy, Minion who is voiced by David Cross. Tina Fey, Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller, and J.K Simmons also lend their vocal talents to the movie and they all do a wonderful job. I really would say that there is not a bad performance in the whole movie.

As it stands, Megamind is, unfortunately, one of the poorest performing of all DreamWorks movies. I have never met anyone who says that they do not like the movie. Actually, when you are watching it, you will be having a good time. Just after it, you will say “man that was a great movie” but the problem is that it is kind of forgettable.

So, while it may not stand out like Shrek, Dragons or Rise of the Guardians. I do think that Megamind is well worth a watch. It is a fun kids movie that is also fun for the parents as well. Plus, if your family is into superheroes I really do think you guys will get a kick out of it.

Megamind is an animated movie about an alien supervillain. Download it now and have a great time watching.
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