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“Oh Boy!” If you read that in a Mickey Mouse voice, you and I can be friends. Today we are looking at what I consider to be the greatest preschool show ever made, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The amount of hours of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that I watched with my son is just insane, but I did not mind as it was a fun, charming, and lovely little show and the best show on Disney Junior which was called Playhouse Disney originally.

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The Movie Review

The premise of the show is that Mickey Mouse has a magical clubhouse that he has to say the magical words to make it appear which are, “Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse.” This is such a fun way and Mickey gets the kids involved at the start of every episode by asking them to say this.

Like many preschool shows, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is designed with kids interacting with the show. Mickey and the gang will often ask the kids questions, get them to dance, or do something to help with what they are trying to do. Sometimes my son would just sit and watch the show, other times he would get super into it and play along which was always fun to see.

Mickey is joined by his friends, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisey, and Pluto and together they have to solve various problems. They are aided by Toodles who is like a robot and at the start of each episode they will shout “Oh Toodles” and he will appear with a list of items that will help them with their problem in that episode. Mickey or one of the other characters will ask the kids what “Mouska Tool” they should use for the job.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Choo Choo Express DVD Trailer

However, while Toodles will give them a selection of tools, which is usually three or four, there is always the “Mystery Mouska Tool” as well. As an adult, I always got a kick out of the Mystery Mouska Tool as it was always the exact item that they would need to complete a job.

I do want to mention that while the show is themed around The Fab Six. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has many other characters that show up. Pete is the main antagonist of the show, often causing trouble, but he usually comes around and they are kind of friendly by the end of an episode. Chip n Dale, Professor Von Drake, and Mortimer Mouse have all made cameos in the show.

Each episode only lasts around ten minutes and has its own problem for the gang to solve these range from something basic like building a birdhouse to having to travel to Mars! The show has a lot of music in it and the colors are nice and bright. This is a computer-generated show and I know that some “purists” may not like how Mickey and the gang look in CG, but I think that the show is super cute and it was mesmerizing for my son.

My son has long grown out of thinking that the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is cool. He is 15, going on 16 and I could only imagine the look of disgust I would get if I asked him his thoughts on this show. However, up in the attic, I still have a whole bunch of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVDs that I just cannot bring myself to get rid of. Perhaps one day he can share them with his own kids!

While this show was replaced by the Mickey and the Roadsters, I much prefer, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This is truly one of the most charming preschool shows you can watch with your children and you can watch it on Disney Plus. It is fun, it is beautiful to look at and it is packed with lovely messages for your children to take on board. This is pretty much a perfect pre-school show in my opinion.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a computer-animated TV series for little children. Download it now and let your little ones have fun.
9.5 Total Score
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • In my opinion, there are no better preschool shows than this!
  • The show has a ton of heart and is also very funny
  • There are some catchy songs here
  • There are some specials that are like mini movies which are also a lot of fun
  • I do not think that Mickey and the Roadsters which replaced this is quite as good
  • While there has been a ton of DVD releases, no Blu-Ray releases have ever been made
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