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Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas is a 2004 sequel to 1999’s Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas. Both of these are essential Christmas viewing in my house, along with Snowed In At The House Of Mouse! This for me is the best Disney Christmas movie/special and one of my favorite Christmas things to watch each year.

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This is something like the first movie, I have been watching since my son was a small child and even now that he is too old and cool for it, me and my wife will watch this each Christmas. I know that this one is a lot more divisive than the first due to the way that it looks!

The reason for that is that Disney ditched the traditional animation from the first movie and went full computer animation for this one. To be honest, Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas looks fantastic, it easily could have passed for a theatrical release. It has such a high-end look to it and even now, nearly 20 years later, I think this still holds up very well. Disney sometimes cut costs with their straight-to-DVD releases, but that is not the case here.

The whole movie is threaded together by a narrator, but this time we get five stories instead of three. The overall runtime is about the same as Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas so the stories here are a bit shorter as there were only three in that one. Still, each one of these is great, special, and fun in its own way.

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The first story is called Belle’s On Ice and it is about Minnie and Daisy putting on an ice skating show. This is probably my least favorite of the shorts, but I still like it. I love the Fantasia references to this one and even the music has a bit of that Fantasia classic thing going on. Minnie and Daisy start off as friends, turn into rivals and end up best friends again by the end.

Next up we have, Christmas Impossible and this is my favorite of the five stories that are in Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas. This one is about Huey, Dewy, and Louie and they are worried that they have played too many pranks so they are not on Santa’s good list. I also love how this story has Scrooge, Donald, and Daisy in it as well.

The three boys decide that the only way to make sure their Christmas is not a bust is to head to the North Pole and write themselves on Santa’s Good List. They end up causing havoc in Santa’s Workshop, but soon realize the error of their ways and how it is better to give than receive at Christmas time.

For our third story, we have Christmas Maximus and I see this one as somewhat of a sequel to the story about Goofy and Max in Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas. Max is grown up now and no longer lives at home, but he is bringing his girlfriend Mona home for the holidays and Goofy is super excited.

We get to see Goofy in awesome dad mode here which is always a blast. Of course, Max is worried that Goofy will embarrass him and ends up being mean to him, what a shock! Mona though is loving all the fun and silliness and Max actually realizes what a great dad Goofy has been and the two end up coming together. While we get Max in jerk mode here, I like the way this one wraps up.

For our fourth story, we have Donald’s Gift and I would probably put this one second on my favorite list. Donald, Daisy, and the three boys are heading into town to do some Christmas shopping and enjoy a few of the Christmas festivities. Donald though is obsessed with getting some hot chocolate.

Donald’s temper gets the best of him and he ends up spoiling the day for Daisy and the three boys. Donald has a revelation and realizes that he has been selfish so he gets into the Christmas spirit and makes amends for spoiling what was supposed to be a fun day for his family.

The final story in Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas is called, Mickey’s Dog-Gone Christmas. I remember watching this with my son and he did not like how “mean” Mickey was in this story. To be honest, Mickey is not really mean, he loses his temper with Pluto, but he realizes the error of his ways.

It was fun to see a story that was more themed around Pluto and how Pluto has to try and save Christmas with Santa’s reindeer! I also got a kick out of seeing Mickey being a huge Christmas guy and freaking out when he thought that his Christmas party was going to be ruined.

All five of the stories that make up Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas are filled with Christmas magic and this never fails to bring a smile to my face. This and the first movie are well worth your time watching, especially if you are looking for something fun you can watch as a family over the holidays.

Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas
Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas is an animated anthology film from 2004. Download it now and enjoy watching all the classic Disney characters.
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  • It was so cool seeing Mickey and the gang in CG
  • I love the whole style and look of each of the stories
  • There are five stories instead of three
  • This is one of the best Christmas movies/specials Disney has ever done
  • Some people are not fans of the classic characters being in CG, but I love it
  • As there are more stories, they are a fair bit shorter
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