Moana (in many European countries the title was changed to Vaiana due to a trademark conflict, In Italy the title and the main protagonist’s name was Oceania) is a 3D animated film, which was made in 2016 by Walt Disney Pictures. The world premiere took place on November 14, 2016. The story in the movies refers to the legends of the people of Oceania. The main character is a teenage daughter of a Polynesian tribe chief who is characterized by extraordinary courage and a good heart. From an early age, she takes care of animals and loves nature. She has also a dream, something that draws her to the ocean, to the dissatisfaction of her parents, mainly her father, who is afraid for her life.

How to Stream or Download Moana

You can stream it or you can download Moana from iTunes with voiceovers and subtitles in several languages. Both the SD and HD versions are available for stream or for download. The film can also be viewed online on the Netflix platform.

The Movie Plot

The future of Moana is going to be shaped by tradition, and thus she is expected to take over the role of a tribal leader. As it happens the girl is not enthusiastic about it, because she has a soul of a traveler who wants to explore the world. When her tribe is threatened, because on the island for some unknown reasons, food is suddenly being spoiled, the crops are failing, and people can’t catch fish, the girl decides to embark on a dangerous journey to prevent a catastrophe. Moana’s grandmother, before her death, reveals the secret about Moana’s destiny and tells her what the girl has to do in order to save the world from destruction. From now on nothing stops Moana from implementing the plans and the girl leaves her island, sailing out into the endless ocean, just as her ancestors once did.

During the journey, she meets the demigod Maui, whose unthinkable behavior from centuries ago (the theft of Te Fiti’s heart) has led to the disturbance of nature and initiated the chain of events which now Moana has to stop (with his help).

Moana does everything to convince Maui to repair the damage he has done. It is not easy and it costs her a lot of effort and patience because Maui is a self-centered egoist, most focused on showing off his muscles covered in tattoos and on the fact that he is or was treated as the hero of men. The clash between these two very different characters leads to many tensions, but also to some funny situations. As a result, the charm and stubbornness of Moana take over. Her big, self-aware companion becomes her friend, and they set on to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from returning to the heart of Te-Fiti. On their way meet various strange creatures, many of them coming straight from Polynesian myths and legends (for example, the Kakamora people – the hobbits of the Solomon Islands).

Moana: the Music

It should be emphasized that the film is very attractive in terms of color and beautifully presented nature in picturesque Oceania. Looking at this wonderful animation, you don’t want to come back to reality and leave this paradise land. The music that accompanies the film is also fantastic (as it is in most Disney pictures). The biggest hit from the soundtrack is the main song How Far I’ll Go (performed by Alessia Cara). Other songs that you won’t be able to forget are You’re Welcome (Dwayne Johnson), We Know the Way (Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i), and Shiny (Jemaine Clement and Kristin Chenoweth).

How to Download Moana – How Far I’ll Go

One of the ways to get hold of the digital copy of the smashing hit song How Far I’ll go is to head over to a digital store such as Apple Music and download it from there. There’s even a preview option so you can listen to a large portion of the song before deciding to download. The song is 3 minutes long.

The Message

The film can certainly be described as universal, because in addition to children who are the main recipients of the animated movie, in this particular case their parents will also be happy to virtually visit beautiful Oceania’s land and its blue ocean.

And the universal truth about dreams, which can break all limitations against the defiance of the world, will draw tears from the eyes of many adults.

Moana is an animated Disney film, which premiered on November 14, 2016. It tells the story of a young Polynesian princess who realizes her dreams and also saves the world. Download the movie tonight and watch it with your family.
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