Moon Knight

So far, I think that the Disney Plus Marvel shows have been pretty good. Moon Knight so far is my favorite of all the Marvel shows that Disney has done, it is just such a fun, mysterious, and interesting show that each week I am excited about the next episode. I get that for some people the show is a tad “weird” However, that is one of the things I have loved about it.

How to Stream or Download Moon Knight

You can stream it or you can download the film from a digital store. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. if you like TV series based on Marvel comic books, check out also our reviews of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Loki, What If? or WandaVision.

The Movie Review

I am not going to be giving any spoilers away for the last episode of Moon Knight here so do not worry! We are introduced to a rather simple man called Stephen, who works in the gift shop of the museum in London and is an expert in ancient Egypt. He is a bit of a strange fellow, he sleepwalks so he chains himself into bed each night.

From Sleepwalker to Superhero: Meet Moon Knight’s Split Personalities

I have to say that Oscar Isaac is just perfect in this role. I knew full well that Oscar Isaac was not English, but his acting was so good, that I still had to jump on Wikipedia just to make sure! We soon learn that Stephen has not been sleepwalking, but there is another personality in his body, Mark Spector.

Mark Spector is the complete opposite of Stephen. Mark Spector is a legit badass, brave, and sure of his actions and he is also the avatar for the Egyptian god Khonshu. The reason Stephen wakes up in strange places is that Mark takes over and does the work of Khonshu!

Khonshu’s Crazy Convertibles: Moon Knight’s Lunar-Powered Transformations

Khonshu gives Mark special powers and thus we have Moon Knight. When in the suit he is able to heal, he is stronger and he looks freaking awesome as well. Khonshu and Mark are trying to put a stop to Khonshu’s previous avatar, Arthur Harrow played by Ethan Hawke.

Ethan Hawke’s Evil Schemes: Moon Knight’s Menacing Nemesis

Harrow is all about preventing evil before it has a chance to strike, he is granted a small bit of power from the goddess Ammit and he wants to revive her to free the world from evil. The thing is, Ammit can sense if a person has any kind of evil in them and will kill them even if they have not done anything wrong.

Fighting Evil and Inner Demons: Moon Knight’s Battleground of Morality

We get introduced to a feisty character called Layla who turns out to be married to Mark! One of the most fun aspects of Moon Knight is seeing Stephen and Mark argue and fight over who gets to control the body. Stephen is reluctant to let Mark take control as he does not agree with him killing people.

On the flip side of this, Mark has no faith at all that Stephen has what it takes to get the job done! It is truly fantastic stuff and I have to again praise the acting ability of Oscar Isaac in this role, I really do not think that Disney could have cast this role any better, he truly is perfect for it. Eventually, they do come to a kind of understanding and this was something I thought was cool.

From Dusk Till Dark: Moon Knight’s Action-Packed Antics

The action scenes in Moon Knight are great, there is real brutality when Mark is in control and it is so much fun. Speaking of fun, Stephen gets to take control too, and seeing him kick butt as the dapper-dressed “Mr. Night” was something that I really did get a huge kick out of.

Dark Corners and TV Struggles: Moon Knight’s Bright and Dark Moments

My only complaint is that one of the episodes takes place inside a pyramid. The idea of this is cool and the episode was fun, but it was far too dark! This is not just a problem with Moon Knight, but Disney Plus in general, shows that use HDR on your 4K TV struggle when things are dark. I played with every setting on my TV and nothing made it any better. Yet, when I tried it on a standard HD LCD TV I have, it looked fine, so it is definitely an issue with the HDR.


This is a show that is just so easy for me to recommend to you guys. Moon Knight is just such an awesome show and as I said, the best that Disney Plus has done with the Marven Cinematic Universe so far. If you have not yet watched this, you are in for an even better treat as you do not have to wait a week, you can binge-watch it all in a couple of sittings!

Moon Knight
Moon Knight is a superhero TV series based on the Marvel Comics character that bears the same name. Download it or stream it now and have a fantastic time.
9.5 Total Score
Moon Knight Review Summary

  • Oscar Isaac is phenomenal in this show
  • I loved the whole Egyptian mythology aspect of the show
  • The action scenes have a real brutality to them
  • This is unlike any other Marvel movie or Disney Plus Marvel show
  • When scenes are dark, on a 4K TV with HDR, it is far too hard to see what is happening
  • I understand why they do it, but I am so over having to wait a week to watch a new episode of a Disney Plus show
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