My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

I love watching My Hero Academia with my son, it has become a firm favorite of mine and it is one of the best things from the world of Shonen. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes was released in 2018 and it is one hell of a fun thrill ride for fans of the series. My son and I had a great time watching this and when the credits started to roll, we both said it was really good.

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You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. Check out also more recent My Hero Academia movies – Heroes Rising and World Heroes’ Mission.

The Movie Review

Now, while I have just said that this is a really good movie, it is also kind of pointless. I know that sounds weird so hear me out. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes has a plot that ultimately does not matter in the grand scheme of things. Most of what goes down here, the new characters, and so on are just left to this movie.

That does not make it bad by any means, however, it does make it feel more like a standalone episode of the show rather than an epic big-time event that shapes the future of the franchise. It is set between seasons 2 and 3, but to be honest, you could watch this at any time. It does fill in a bit of backstory here and there to get people new to the series up to speed and it actually does this very well.

The plot of the movie moves at a very brisk pace and you have no time to catch your breath. It walks that fine line of comedy and action very well and it is just a great time from start to end. The plot of the movie is quite basic and as I said, it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Still, my son and I were entertained. Our gang of heroes has been invited to I Island. I Island is a giant man-made city that actually floats and it is a very cool setting for the movie. It is the kind of place that I would love to explore in a video game and it is one of the better locations in the My Hero Academia world.

Of course, this is far from a normal trip for our guys! Soon after they arrive, they meet a rather interesting girl, and then the city is taken hostage by Wolfram. Now, I do not want to spoil anything here, but there is actually a pretty cool twist in regards to how Wolfram was able to take the city hostage in the first place and it is a twist I did not see coming at all!

Visually, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is amazing! It takes what is already a great looking show and thanks to the increased budget, the general look and animation are kicked up a notch. Also, as this was a theatrical release, they were able to push things a little further and do stuff that they could not get away with on the regular show.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is a very, very fun movie. It captures the spirit of the show incredibly well and I just do not see any fans being disappointed with this. What is neat is that it also works as a standalone movie for someone that is not all that familiar with this franchise.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes
My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is a 2018 superhero anime film that is based on the famous manga series. Download it now and enjoy the action.
8.5 Total Score
My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Review Summary

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  • The movie from the start until the credits is a fun time
  • It works great as a stand-alone My Hero Academia story
  • The visuals and the sound are incredible
  • The story has a great twist that I did not see coming!
  • In the grand scheme of things, the story does not matter, but it is still fun
  • Why are none of these movies on 4K? The Blu-Ray looks great, but a 4K release would be great!
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