Night School

Night School (2018) is a downloadable comedy film produced by HartBeat Productions and Will Packer Productions. The film is directed by Malcolm D. Lee and features a talented cast consisting of Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Rob Riggle, Taran Killam, and Romany Malco.

How to Stream or Download Night School

To stream or to download the full movie click on the Download link which you will find at the end of the review. The movie will be available in several languages but the much-sought Tamil and Hindi might not be there so check the listing before committing To stream or to download or pre-order. Meanwhile, it’s always a great idea to watch the trailer.

The Film Review

The Plot

Released on 28th September 2018 by Universal Pictures, Night School revolves around the life of a school dropout named Teddy Walker who loses his job after accidentally setting a store on fire whilst proposing to her wealthy girlfriend Lisa.

Teddy, in order to impress his girlfriend, maintains the image that he is wealthier than he looks and can easily get a new job. On the contrary however, Teddy finds little luck in securing his financial needs until his best friend offers him a job, with the condition of Teddy having to obtain a GED.

Consequently, Teddy admits himself back in school with the intention of charming the principal into giving his certificate. His plan, however, is ruined after the revelation of his principal who turns out to be Stewart, a person who Teddy used to bully in school.

As a result, he is forced to take night classes which causes him to face the issue of maintaining his concentration. Teddy attempts to steal the test answers but is caught by his teacher Carrie who expels him for his misconduct. Guilty of his actions, Teddy apologizes and is given a second chance.

Carrie realizes Teddy’s constraints and has him checked to reveal that he suffers from dyslexia, dyscalculia, along with several other mental illnesses. Carrie changes her approach towards Teddy who begins to perform better in class.

At prom night, Teddy encounters Lisa who attends the event as a sponsor. The two meet and Lisa breaks up with Teddy after knowing how he has been lying to her all this time. Heartbroken, Teddy continues to attend school and finally manages to pass after four attempts. Lisa attends his graduation speech and begins to admire him again, thereby reuniting them once more.

The film ends with the couple going out for dinner where Lisa asks Teddy to let her pay for a change.

Night School (2018): the Movie Production

The Night School is one of those special films which spreads awareness in an entertaining manner. The film talks about mental illnesses like dyslexia and portrays its effects through Teddy’s character.

With mental illnesses being extremely underrated, the film brilliantly shows its viewers the symptoms, thereby explaining how if a student is struggling to keep up, it does not relatively mean that they are not smart enough.

On the other end, the film has been criticized for its plot which is said to have been stretched. Fans and critics that the film becomes simply redundant and boring at one point.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Night School is quite a hilarious family-friendly film that is considered to be knowledgeable at the same time. It features a talented cast and an amazing score composed by David Newman. The film has done very well at the box office, but despite that, it received mixed reviews.

Night School (2018)
Night School is a comedy in which the protagonist is a salesman. To his dismay, his successful career comes to an abrupt stop after an unfortunate explosion which he causes. Download and see why he ends up in a night school and what happens next.
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