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I knew that PAW Patrol: The Movie was going to be a huge hit. Not just because kids from all over the world love this movie, but when I went to see Free Guy, a screening of this just ended and a ton of kids most of which had PAW Patrol plushies came pouring out which was fun to see. If you know kids who love PAW Patrol, then they are going to have a wonderful time with this.

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I know that is a strange comparison, but hear me out. I think that the best way to look at PAW Patrol: The Movie is the same way as the 1986 Transformers: The Movie. Both are based on very popular kid’s shows that have a ton of toys and both are made to sell a bunch of new toys to those same kids.

While that sounds quite cynical, PAW Patrol: The Movie succeeds the same way that Transformer: The Movie did. They both take what kids loved about the original source and expand on it. I am not saying that this is darker like Transformers was, but I do think it is a very good comparison.

The plot of the movie is pretty fun, the cast from the TV show are all here and living their best and brave lives in Adventure Bay. The nearby city of Adventure City is thrown into chaos by Mayor Humdinger and a device called The Cloud Catcher which is supposed to make the weather better, but it goes crazy and puts everyone in peril.

Of course, The PAW Patrol gets called in to save the day. Look, you could leave it at that, and kids would be cool with it and say this is the greatest movie that they have ever seen. However, there is a bit more depth to things here, mainly with Chase losing his confidence and having to get it back. I think that there is a great message here for little kids.

The movie is fun, action-packed and of course, it has a whole bunch of new stuff for kids to want toys of. The Pups have new vehicles and things that they get to use and there is even a cool new character in Liberty that was a lot of fun and sure to be a massive hit with the kids who have flocked to this movie in droves.

Look, at the end of the day this is a kid’s movie that is clearly made with kids in mind and I think that they nailed it. They could have just made an extended episode of the show and kids would have still loved it. I think that they did a great job in trying to make things here a bit deeper and even more action-packed than a standard PAW Patrol episode.

One of the best things I can tell you adults is that if you have kids then PAW Patrol: The Movie is far from the worst movie that you can take them to see. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie and think that any little fan of the show is going to just eat this up and have a tremendous time.

PAW Patrol: The Movie
PAW Patrol: The Movie is a computer-animated movie based on the well-received TV series about search and rescue dogs. Download it now.
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