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When you have a film made by a director who is fully committed to making a motion picture with a flow, you get a final product that is not only respectable but beautifully created. Director John McTiernan was the reason why the first Predator film was so incredibly fun to watch. every single sequence was made with passion, full of quips and entertaining one-liners, along with some of the best gore out there.

However, when you take away the main driving force from a film, such as its director, then you’re always going to have a subpar product. That is the case with Predator 2.

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The Movie Review

In the future, a 1997 Los Angeles is facing a heat wave and increasing chaos. Lieutenant Mike Harrigan, a tough and rebellious cop, works with a team of oddballs, including Danny Archuleta, Leona, and the eccentric Jerry Lambert.

When a Colombian drug gang engages in a shootout with the police, someone or something else finishes off the job for them. As more drug gangs are attacked, it appears there may be a vigilante on the loose. However, the arrival of a secretive government task force, led by Peter Keyes, raises suspicion that something even more unusual is at play.

The film’s title and its connection to the Predator series, as well as early glimpses of the titular character, hint at the true cause of the strange events unfolding in the troubled city.

I recently revisited this film after a long hiatus and was thoroughly underwhelmed. The creature, while a far cry from its predecessor, was utterly forgettable. The characters felt forced and contrived, and the setting of a chaotic Los Angeles gangland seemed like an unlikely and ill-suited location for the creature to be hunting.

The gang members, far from being skilled hunters, were nothing more than mindless, drug-addled fools. In all honesty, I expected more of an emphasis on horror and a ton of gory action goodness that the first film was phenomenal with. The film was a major disappointment.

In this film, the director forgoes a traditional, heroic central character in favor of an emphasis on explosive action and chaos. However, this approach fails to captivate the audience and the viewing experience becomes monotonous and unengaging.

The film is unable to replicate the success of its predecessor in drawing the viewer into the story.

Despite maintaining an intimidating and otherworldly appearance, the predator in this film falls prey to cheesy dialogue and crass one-liners, undermining its credibility. While the urban setting could have lent itself to a more intelligent and suspenseful story, the film instead opts for a heavy-handed approach with tacky visuals and an overbearing score.

Stereotypes abound, contributing to a sense of predictability. Overall, the film fails to live up to the potential of its premise.

With Arnold Schwarzenegger unable to return as Dutch for the second installment, a new actor was needed to take on the role of the protagonist and face off against the predatory alien threat. The film’s setting of a futuristic crime-ridden Los Angeles provided an unconventional backdrop for the action.

Despite his lack of physical training and imposing stature, Danny Glover was cast as the protagonist, tasked with confronting the Predator. While Glover’s performance may not have been entirely convincing, given the unrealistic expectations placed upon his character, he was able to bring some level of enthusiasm to the role.

Ultimately, the script and luck played a larger role in his character’s survival than any inherent abilities.

The Visuals

If there’s one thing that could make or break a film like this, it’s the cinematography. Sad to say, but the cinematography here is definitely not up to standard. Not only is it some of the most bland-looking camera work, but the train sequence in the film is marred by poor lighting and an excess of shaky camera work, making it difficult to follow the action on screen.

The penthouse attack scene is similarly flawed, suffering from choppy editing and lacking in gruesome or frightening deaths. Overall, these sequences fail to deliver the intended thrills and suspense.


This film left a bad taste in my mouth. It was like a stale, flavorless cracker that I was forced to choke down for over an hour and a half. There was no compelling story to keep me invested and no one to cheer for.

The only saving grace was a couple of passable jokes and decent production value, but even those couldn’t elevate this film above mediocrity.

Predator 2
Predator 2 is a 1990 sequel to the successful 1987 science-fiction film about a hunter from another planet wreaking havoc on Earth. Download it now.
4 Total Score
Predator 2 Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The production value is decent
  • The writing has some good jokes, and fun one-liners at times
  • The futuristic LA setting is quite visually striking
  • Glover tries his hardest but doesn’t stand out as a cool action hero
  • The story is genuinely some of the most boring here, with zero-character development
  • The action scenes are badly documented, even though well choreographed despite the lack of gore
  • The soundtrack by Silvestri is too over the top for this film
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